Does it count as a pet if it’s not real?

Remember when I said my son keeps asking me for a pet? Well, I got him 2 pets. Not real pets, but he treats them like they’re real. It’s adorable.

I got him a cuddly. A dog. So far, whenever I get him a cuddly, even if it’s an animal, which most of them are, he treats it like one of his kids. There are mealtimes, screentime, storytime, bedtime, etc. However, if the cuddly is a dog specifically, he treats it like a pet. This is his 4th dog, but this is the 1st time I’ve seen him so invested in it. I think because it looks like an actual dog. It even comes with a leash. Yesterday, he cut out papers for it and made a small box for its “dog food”. He even takes it on walks in the hallway every day. He won’t let me film him doing anything, but I did get him ” feeding” his dogs on camera today. He even tried to build them a dog house with my exercise puzzle pieces. When he didn’t know how I offered to build it for him. That’s where they sleep now. He still hasn’t named it. To him, it’s a big deal what name this pet will be, because his newest toy is always his favorite. I even googled dog names but he didn’t like any of them.

My son’s newest “pet”

The 2nd pet in question is virtual. My son got jealous of my self-care pet, Beepo, and said he wanted a virtual pet too. So I remembered I used to have an app Pou and I used to enjoy playing with it when I was 20 years old little. So I downloaded it for him and he cares about it as he would care about a real pet. He keeps asking about and wanting to feed it and bathe it and play with it, virtually of course.

Here’s a preview of my son taking care of his alien pet.

My thoughts were cut short by my husband’s calling. You know when you have a train of thought and you’re in the zone writing or talking and someone interrupts you and poof, it’s gone? That’s exactly what happened. Anyway, the good news is im going to get some me-time in a bit. In the meantime, I guess I’ll read blogs or something.

Ooh, thoughts are back. I was saying that the way my son is handling this pet situation is showing me how his imagination is growing, as is his maturity. I feel bad that I can’t get him a real pet, for the various reasons I mentioned in the blog post I wrote about pets, but at least his happiness and contentment with the stuffy and application are easing my guilt a bit. I know it will be temporary but I will use it for as long as it works.

9 responses to “Does it count as a pet if it’s not real?”

      1. You’re welcome

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  1. That is so cute. Enjoy this time where his creativity is flourishing.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment 😊 I am trying to be as mindful as possible and enjoy his childhood as much as I can before he turns into a teenager

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