Today is the 1st day of Dhul Hijja and the last day of June

Hello and welcome to my blog! This month I haven’t been tracking my goals and habits properly because my son has been at home all month so I haven’t been able to get organized. I have had a few me time days and I have gotten some work done but I’m pretty sure I’m not on track with my goals, not that I made any June goals to begin with.

However, I know from the many apps I use that I have been practicing self care somewhat. I’ve been reading a lot, as much as I can at least. But I have done yoga only 4 times this month, including today. My spasmed neck, shoulders and back can attest to that. I also haven’t slowed down on sweets, despite eating much more fruit than usual. My gained weight can attest to that. So no wonder I’m physically tired all the time and not sleeping well. I’m sick of complaining and doing nothing about it, so this month I will be more adamant about moving and eating less sweets, I hope.

Mentally, I’m finished a course on LinkedIn about clear writing and I’m currently taking a course about personal branding. The difference between LinkedIn courses and coursera courses is that LinkedIn courses are much shorter, have quizzes but no homework (homework motivates me more than quizzes) and even if you get the answer wrong in the quiz, you can repeat it as many times as you want (in coursera, you can only repeat the quiz once in a day and if you fail a homework assignment, they won’t let you complete the course). Plus, the resources they give you on coursera are amazing. So many links and ebooks, whereas on LinkedIn the one resource i found wouldnt download. On the plus side, you can get a certificate from LinkedIn for a completed course, whereas on coursera, you have to pay to get a certificate. On coursera, I’m currently taking a course in content marketing writing.

As for my shops, I’m adding products to my shops arbitrarily, because it depends on when I’m able to turn my laptop on, when there is electricity, when my son isn’t nagging me, when the wifi is good (it randomly disconnects for 12 hours at a time). Plus, my 11 year old laptop is super slow and I’m waiting patiently for my husband to let me get the one I found and want.

As for blogging, I’m not following a specific schedule. I’m just blogging whenever I can. I have plenty of ideas and drafts available, but not always the time or energy to write. I’ve been waking my son up when I wake up so that he can sleep earlier, but it’s not working. Whether he wakes up at 10 am or 7 am, he still doesn’t sleep until 11:30 pm. So today I didn’t wake him up when I woke up. I need my me time, especially since my son’s cousin came over today. He usually drives me crazy but at least my son has fun with him so im okay with it. It kills me that my son is so lonely and my husband refuses to try for another baby, but this is life.

I have been meditating though and it’s helping me fall asleep, so there’s that. I practiced deep breathing and body scans.

As for my parenting, my son still won’t listen to me, most of the time. I am yelling a lot lately, but I’m also spending some time with him. Sometimes he is an angel and sometimes he drives me crazy. It figures, since he is bored at home a lot. However, his cousins visit today broke me. I now see what an angel my son is. I have no more energy left. My son put all the toys away after his cousin left. His cousin barely helped. Then his mom asked if he was good and i didnt have the heart to tell her the truth.

I swept the play room after my son put all the toys away. The kid wasn’t all bad. He did play quietly for a few minutes, but maybe I’m not used to this type of behavior so I overreacted. I’m all about order and discipline, maybe too much. I don’t know.

As for my marriage, it’s a rollercoaster, but not a train wreck, so we are going somewhere. Some days im happy married. Other days i wish i could live in a cottage in the woods, alone. As for friendships, zip. Nada. Except for my long distance friendships. As for my relationship with my family, they don’t call, and if I call they don’t answer, but when I see them, we have fun.

So that’s my June update. As for today being the 1st day of Dhul Hijja, I’m not as excited as I should be. These days are the best days of the year. The 10 days of Dhul Hijja are as important of the last 10 nights of Ramadan! I keep forgetting to print out decorations and an activity pack for my son so we can do it together. Also, the school sent us the summer homework yesterday and I told my son that today we are to start studying summer homework and Quran. I hope he obliges. I have to set a reward system or something.

So I will share with you the importance of these 10 days and what we should do during these days to encourage myself and you, if you are Muslim. If you’re not, then just to enlighten you. It’s good to know more about different religions and cultures and how they operate.


5 responses to “Today is the 1st day of Dhul Hijja and the last day of June”

  1. Zil Hajj Mubarak to you Sajjida.

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    1. Thank you so much ❤️ Dhul Hijja Mubarak to you too 😘

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      1. Thank you my dear friend

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  2. You sound incredibly busy with family life, health, exercise, and an array of goals. It’s okay to have months that make you want to go live alone in a cabin. I hope July is wonderful.

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    1. Yeah, busy is my middle name 😆 thank you! I hope July is wonderful for you too!

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