Summertime Acrostic Poem and a Parenting Rant

Sunday I woke up in the morning

Unease from the heat

Made my mind to enjoy my day

Made it my mission to be okay

Everyday I write a to do list

Right now I feel I can’t do this

Time’s ticking and I feel so tired

I just want to sleep for a while

My muscles ache, I got a headache

Everything is going haywire

Hello and welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoyed this poem. I haven’t written a full poem in a while. My son starts summer camp tomorrow and I stayed up from 4 am just to make sure he wakes up early. I woke him up at 8 am. I let him feed his virtual pet poo and play on the game that he’s obsessed with, Zoocraft. Anything to get him out of bed.

Then I gave him 3 options: draw, or play doh, or play with his toys. He chose to color instead. But since I went back to bed, he got bored 10 minutes later and asked to spend time with me. We took some filtered pictures and I created a filter.

This is the QR code for the filter I created. Feel free to use it. I made a boyish filter for my son but he asked for it not to be public so I can’t share the QR code.

After that, I realized it was 9:30am and he still hadn’t eaten breakfast, and if you know how much I struggle to get this kid to eat, then you know. Anyway, as soon as I mentioned food, he decided to go back to bed. I ended up threatening him and he started crying because I turned the light on and told him he wasn’t allowed to turn it off. When his dad finally woke up at 10:00, he tried to convince him to eat. He managed to calm him down by turning on the TV. I told my son that it counts as screentime so he went to play with his toys.

Finally at 10:45 am, he started eating the sandwich I made him upon his dad’s request, and I tried to avoid him, but the moment I passed by the room he was eating in, he stopped eating.

Tomorrow I’m going to not only have to get him up at 8 but also get him dressed. This kid doesn’t like to wake up early, doesn’t go to sleep until midnight even when he is in bed by 10, and has no appetite whatsoever. He refuses to do any of his summer homework or to memorize new verses of Quran. I don’t know what to do with him. He is not only driving me crazy, but also making me depressed. He eventually listens to my husband because my husband bribes him. I give him consequences and threaten, sometimes bribe.

How is your summer vacation going? Do you have any kids? How do you entertain an only child when you don’t have a car or friends and your husband and family won’t take you out?

Update: after writing this, a lot happened and I want to talk about it, but it’s midnight and I’m exhausted so I’m just going to post this now and sleep. I’m good, though. I promise. I’m happy and content and grateful right now.

5 responses to “Summertime Acrostic Poem and a Parenting Rant”

  1. Good luck with getting him up and out the door tomorrow morning!

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    1. Thanks! I actually woke up 8:30 am instead of 7:45 am and I rushed to get hid lunchbox ready. Thankfully, my husband put him to bed on his own last night at 10 pm while I was visiting my uncle who came from the US for a visit (1st time my husband handles bedtime routine on his own and he said it went smoothly). So while I was prepping the lunch box, my son got dressed on his own, then my husband took him to camp. I’m so thankful. I’m having my me time now. Working on my shops.

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