Storytime: Covid Finally Caught up to our Household

Hello and welcome to my blog! This weekend has been wild! I kept wanting to write here but between the nausea, dizziness, joint pain, fever, headache, stuffy nose, and cough, I simply didn’t have the energy.

Remember I told you a week ago my husband had a fever šŸ¤’? His family (all vaccinated) suspected covid and sent him a rapid test after 3 days of a fever. Well, guess what? It turned out positive within minutes.

As soon as I saw those 2 lines, my throat suddenly felt scratchy. I figured maybe it’s psychological, but this morning I woke up with a sore throat. A teaspoon of honey helped, but I also had zero appetite.

I couldn’t eat until 11:30 am, when I forced myself to eat pancakes and honey. By that time I had a headache and body aches all over. My baseline temperature is 36.2Ā°C. Friday morning it was 36.5. It went up all the way to 38.8 and I kept taking panadol to bring it down.

My husband wouldn’t let me do the rapid test, but I didn’t go anywhere since last Sunday and neither did my husband. I will spare you the details of this weekends accommodations, but rest assured we are trying to keep my son away from us, which is causing him to be very bored and act out.

We have been evading covid for 2 years, but it finally caught up to us.

It feels like a bad case of the flu. My husband, who had never had a fever since we got married, suspected covid because of the fever. I fear this will have long term effects on me. I’m double vaccinated. I have trouble breathing now and I fear I’ll never fully recover.

Last week my biggest worry was getting a new laptop before the old one crashes. I still didn’t get a new laptop, but my biggest worry is my illness now. I’m so thirsty all the time. I keep drinking water. I’m so tired. My joint pain is less today but I’m napping 3 times a day, and therefore having even more trouble than usual falling asleep.

Oh, before I got sick, I binge watched all 3 seasons of Anne with an E and I loved it! However, I was disappointed that there won’t be a season 4 (it was cancelled) as season 3 ended on a cliffhanger. When I Googled how it ends in the books, I discovered there are vast differences between the books and the series. So I downloaded the books and will read them once I’m feeling better. I wish I could get my hands on the physical books though. Too bad our local library closed down a year ago due to the economic crisis in Lebanon.

Right now all my work is on hold because I’m sick and my laptop won’t cooperate.

How was your weekend? Are you vaccinated? Have you had a brush with Covid?

7 responses to “Storytime: Covid Finally Caught up to our Household”

  1. Oh no so sorry your sick. Seems like so many people I know have been getting covid lately. I am trying so hard to stay clear and taking precautions not to get it. But I know it can still make its way into my home. Sending well wishes your way and I do hope you are feeling better soon.

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    1. Thanks. I have been mostly staying home and avoiding people but my husband must have caught it at work or something and then brought it home.


  2. I hope you are feeling better soon and that your son stays healthy!

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    1. Thanks šŸ˜Š I hope so too


  3. Oh Iā€™m so sorry that you got Covid. I hope you feel better soon. Keep yourself hydrated and rest a lot. I do hope that you see a doctor and get proper medication for the throat. Hugs.

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      1. Take care my dear

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