Done wishing for a life I’ll never have (a poem)

I stopped scrolling Instagram ages ago
And Facebook and I have become foes ages before
Twitter’s for sharing my blogs
And Pinterest is for my shops

Been drowning my sorrows in novels and TV shows
Getting drunk on the notion of how I wish everything would go
Wishing my life could be picture perfect
And I’d never have a bad day
Wishing I could see how my struggles were worth it
Wish I could have it all today

And when my thoughts
Get too loud
I got podcasts
To tune them out
Music vibes
The way I feel
And suddenly every song
Is about me

But I’m done wishing for a life ill never have
Dreaming that your promises won’t turn to ash
I’m so tired of the what if’s
All the things that could’ve been
Wish I could say leave this and take off
Start a new life
With a new face
I could never pull that off

I’m sick of numbing my emotions
Bottle them up and then exploding
Saying that I’m fine
Wishing I could cry
Not knowing why

And I’m sick
Battling for
My energy
Resting makes me
Feel guilty
But not anymore

Because I got lightheaded stuck in the clouds
It’s too pretty up here but I’m coming down
Realistically speaking it’s not so bad
Yes I deserve better but these are the cards I have

Won’t hang my head down in resignation
But it won’t do me good to dream of escaping
I guess I’m just stuck in a rut, I’ll make it by
Someone once told me one day I’ll spread my wings and fly

So I’ll keep on hoping for better days
Keep on working till I make my way
I know I’ll be famous someday
Until then I’ll just create

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5 responses to “Done wishing for a life I’ll never have (a poem)”

  1. Amen to feeling better and for getting your life in a positive groove! Hugs. Lovely poem.

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      1. You’re welcome

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Very well said and I can relate!

    Liked by 1 person

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