Power up with Better Sleep and Other Self-improvement Journey Ideas

Hello and welcome to my blog. I have mentioned before that I downloaded a self-care pet app. I will gush all about it in detail another time but I just wanted to say 2 things. The 1st is that my son said he wants a self-care pet app too, so I downloaded one for him. It’s quite different than mine (mine is much cooler) but it does the trick. He is now drinking more water, drawing his thoughts, and practicing deep breathing daily. I even had him reflect on what made him happy. The 2nd thing is what this post is about.

My Current Self-improvement journeys:

Appreciate the moments in life, cultivate work-life harmony, power up with better sleep, and a better self.

I have been on a self-improvement journey since 2016, and let me tell you, growth is not linear. Sometimes I feel like I’m improving and sometimes I think this is all pointless. I can never change!

Yesterday I was very negative and dramatic and emotional. I just feel so lonely and lost and I lash out sometimes. Today, though, is a new day. Beepo, my self-care pet, wakes up every day at 8 am. I woke up at 8:15 am today. I usually set my daily goals on the app, but today I decided to try 2 new journeys. I wish I could do them all but it’s not good to work on too many things at once.

I’ve been working on 2 journeys on this app lately:

A better self: Dreams don’t work unless you do

It only has 1 goal: Say one thing I’m grateful for before bed.

It was my 1st self-improvement journey on this app so I didn’t know I could add more than one goal per journey. They show me on the app how often I did this goal and every 2 weeks, I get a reward. The rewards are usually gems to buy beepo clothes or furniture or to let her travel (so many things to explain, I know).

Power up with better sleep: A goal properly set is halfway reached

There are several goals or action points to do to achieve better sleep:

  • Avoid heavy meals before bedtime
  • Drink a cup of chamomile tea to relax
  • Reflect about what worries me
  • Relax with a deep breathing exercise

There are more goals but once you create the journey, you can’t see them.

Other self improvement journeys include:

  • Strengthen my connection with myself
  • Start moving, get healthy
  • Feel more adventurous
  • Build my confidence
  • Appreciate the moments in life
  • Show care for others
  • Greet the day
  • Tidy space, tidy mind
  • Cultivate work-life harmony
  • Take time for personal joys
  • Feel calm & mindful
  • Connect with my community
  • Just survive the day
  • So fresh, so clean
  • Stay connected with friends
  • Nourish my body
  • Spend quality time with family

I will update you on the journeys I began today in about a month maybe. Let’s see how it goes. If you want to start any of these journeys, or just need a self-care pet to remind you to take care of yourself, I recommend this app. I named my pet Beepo but the app is called Finch.

Tap the link to add me to your Tree Town or add my friend code GYZ3JHY7XD. https://app.befinch.com/share/b13F

We can be friends on the app and send each other hugs, hellos, and positive vibes. My niece downloaded the app and we’re friends on it and constantly visit each other. Her pet is Mango. I have family and friends on the tree that I added manually but they don’t have Finch.

Self-improvement is a journey, and sometimes it’s a rollercoaster (see what I did there?) but this app is helping me see my progress, bond with my son (he constantly asks me about beepo), and get encouraged to improve myself.


2 responses to “Power up with Better Sleep and Other Self-improvement Journey Ideas”

  1. love your apps and journey Sadge!💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I love trying new apps and working on self-care and self-improvement


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