Acrostic Poems because why not

Hello and welcome to my blog! It’s Wednesday (well, the day is almost over) and thoughts are swimming around in my head. Things like: I need to start editing my novella. When am I going to finish working on my new parenting stories book? Where did I put that pdf with the list of places to submit my writing?

I really should start looking at the links my sister sent me for freelance jobs and start applying. Why am I not adding products to my gumroad shop? Why did I decide to read 10 books at the same time? I’m so overwhelmed. I want to watch all the videos on my watch later list on YouTube. It’s almost 10 pm and I’m exhausted. I still need to get my son to brush his teeth and go to bed.

However, I’ve been going through my emails for the past few weeks. I have so many unread emails dating back to 2014 and so many newsletters I was unsubscribing from. One of my favorite subscriptions, Creative Writing Now, is what got me into writing my novella in the 1st place. They always send me great ideas that I always shelve for later, like plot ideas, story 1st liners, quotes from writers, tips for writer’s block, etc. Today I read ideas about acrostic poems and I decided to just go for it!

Write an acrostic using your 1st name or the 1st name of someone you love:

No image searches for sajida, so this is Saji from Pexels

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night

And I’m drenched in sweat and fear

Just can’t get away from the nightmares

In my head they feel so real

Don’t dare to close my eyes some nights

And instead, I opt to read

Write an acrostic about your town or city, with the lines spelling out its name:

Tripoli from Pexels

Too much chaos, sky-high prices

Roughening our lives

In the midst of all the madness

People are growing impatient

Only way to stop this crisis

Leave and never look back

In my heart, I feel the dying pain of my town

Write an acrostic about spring, summer, autumn, or winter, with the lines spelling out the name of the season:

Autumn rain leaves from Pexels

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer

Underneath the sky I sleep

Till the rain comes falling down

Until it drops on fallen leaves

My heart sings as the weather cools

No longer sad; it’s my favorite season

What’s the name of your town or city or hometown?

What’s your favorite season? Why?

Have you ever written an acrostic poem?


15 responses to “Acrostic Poems because why not”

  1. I’ve never heard the term acrostic poem before. I enjoyed yours.

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      1. You’re most welcome. I hope you’re doing well ?

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      2. I’m doing well today. Just overwhelmed with the many work projects I’m trying to do. Trying to get organized and prioritize. Thank you for asking. How are you doing? I have your blog posts saved to read later. Trying to catch up on all the saved blog posts (more than 1000)

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      3. It’s good to know that you’re doing well. Don’t over stress yourself, it just adds to the stress. Start fresh and unsave the 1000 posts.

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      4. Thanks. Hehe I just got anxiety thinking of in saving the posts, but I keep telling myself to go at my own pace and not to save any more posts until I’m done reading the ones I saved.

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  2. I agree with Sadje. Unsave the 1,000 posts for starters. We have all been there blogging, so everyone will understand.

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