How to stay physically active with this home workout

Hello and welcome to my blog! Welcome to the challenges series. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I was doing 4 different challenges at the same time. Today I finished the home workout challenge, which leaves the no junk food challenge (stay tuned) and I began a kindness challenge today as well.

Before Ramadan, I had built up a workout routine. I was using the application 7M for women, which has different 7 minute workouts (you can pick and choose or click on the daily 7 workout which uses a blend of abs and other workouts, but in 7 minutes).

I started with 3 times a week in November 2020 (prior to that, I was a couch potato) and moved up to 5 and sometimes 6 times a week by the end of March 2021. So this workout challenge may seem like a downgrade of how often I was exercising (I realize to fit people, my workouts are their warm ups) but in Ramadan, I get really physically tired from the fast so I’m not able to do my regular 7 minutes workouts.

I did this challenge to encourage myself to keep moving rather than go back to being a couch potato (I must say I’ve been doing housework and cooking and that counts as workout as well, but these are quantifiable workouts). Anyway, if you’re fit and looking to add or diversify your warm ups, or you’re a beginner and just want to get moving, these workouts are for you!

21 days home workout challenge:

Day 1

sit ups
push ups

20 sit ups, 20 squats, 10 push ups, 30 sec plank

Day 2

leg raises
jumping jacks
wall sit

– 15 burpees
– 15 leg raises
– 20 jumping jacks
– 20 sec wall sit

Day 3

– 25 sit ups
– 10 burpees
– 20 jumping jacks
– 20 leg raises

Day 4


– 30 sec plank
– 20 lunges
– 15 crunches
– 15 push ups

Day 5

Mountain climbers

– 20 mountain climbers
– 20 crunches
– 30 squats
– 35 sec plank

Day 6

– 30 squats

– 20 push ups

– 25 leg raises

– 30 sec plank

– 15 burpees

Day 7

Rest day.

Day 8

– 25 sit ups
– 20 crunches
– 25 jumping jacks
– 30 squats
– 35 sec plank

Day 9

– 30 squats

– 20 push ups

– 25 mountain climbers

– 25 crunches

– 30 sit ups

Day 10

– 35 sec plank
– 25 leg raises
– 25 crunches
– 35 squats
– 30 jumping jacks

Day 11

– 35 jumping jacks
– 25 burpees
– 25 lunges
– 30 sec wall sit
– 35 sit ups

Day 12

– 35 squats

– 25 push ups

– 35 sec plank

– 30 leg raises

– 35 jumping jacks

Day 13

– 30 sit ups

– 20 burpees

– 25 mountain climbers

– 35 squats

– 30 sec plank

Day 14

Rest day

Day 15

– 25 burpees

– 35 leg raises

– 40 jumping jacks

– 40 sec wall sit

– 30 sit ups

Day 16

– 30 mountain climbers

– 35 squats

– 35 crunches

– 40 sec plank

– 30 lunges

Day 17

– 30 squats

– 25 push ups

– 30 sit ups

– 35 crunches

– 35 jumping jacks

Day 18

– 45 jumping jacks

– 35 mountain climbers

– 45 sec wall sit

– 35 sit ups

Day 19

– 35 crunches

– 25 push ups

– 25 burpees

– 40 sec plank

– 35 leg raises

Day 20

– 40 squats

– 30 crunches

– 25 burpees

– 40 jumping jacks

– 40 mountain climbers

Day 21

Rest Day (keep challenging yourself in the next weeks and don’t forget to share the results with the community to inspire others!)

To do this challenge, go to:

Transformation Tuesday: My Fitness Journey

Hello 👋 reader and welcome to my blog!

Today I’m going to talk about fitness. I don’t consider myself to be fit, yet, but I used to be.

Growing up, I started Tae Kwan Do classes at age 5. I started riding a bike at age 6. At age 8, I used to roller blade. I learned how to swim at age 10. I played Kickboxing from age 10 until 13. Then I started playing basketball at school. I even played soccer with my brothers. When I turned 15 years old, I started taking aerobics classes 3 times a week and swimming 3 times a week. This lasted for 5 years, until I fell and ripped the cartilage on both knees and I had to quit aerobics. I even went horseback riding throughout the summer before I hurt my knees.

I never went pro with any exercises, and I was a chocoholic, but I was fit.

However, my knee injury slowed my activities down, but I still went on long walks to compensate for the less activity, and I still went swimming but not as often.

Furthermore, when I got married, I gained 18 kgs during my pregnancy, and it took me a whole year to lose 10 kgs and another year to lose the other 8 kgs. Having a baby meant not being able to go to the gym for me. I still made many efforts in the past 6 years to go to the gym, even if it was once a week for a month.

My weight is still within the normal range but it goes up and down, because my lifestyle is now somewhat sedentary (stay at home mom life) and I eat a lot of junk food, especially since the pandemic began (it’s not even a good excuse anymore) and I don’t exercise as much as I want to.

Starting November 2020, I started making monthly goals, instead of new years resolutions, and I decided to reach my fitness goal step by step.

I noticed that when I plan to diet, I tend to crave sugar and carbs more (I think I’m addicted to sugar at this point). I’m supposed to be on a diabetic diet because I have pcos (polycystic ovarian syndrome).

So I decided to focus on activity. For a while I tried yoga because for a long time I hadn’t exercised (I went to the gym for a month 2 years ago back when my son was going to school).

So in November I made it my goal to exercise 4 times a week for 7 minutes each (I had been doing yoga/walking 3 times a week but not consistently).

I achieved the goal of 4 times a week

In December, I wanted to make sure I exercised consistently so I made a timetable to measure my progress.

I eventually achieved 90% by the 3rd week

In January, I made it one of my goals to exercise 5 days a week and I accomplished it 80% (I was more specific with my calculations and I didn’t give myself the last week break like I did in December).

In February, I decided to make less goals (9 goals in February instead of 20 in January, 20 in December and 27 in November) so I can focus more on said goals. My goal this month is to exercise 6 days a week for 7 minutes at a time. So far I’m exercising 5 days a week. I know it doesn’t sound like much for those fit people out there who walk 10,000 steps a day. I’m lucky if I get in 4,000 steps a day. My average is 2,000 steps. Once it’s spring season, I’ll be walking more and hopefully doing my 6,000 steps that I used to do in summer.

I want to be fit, but from experience, vigorous exercise and dieting doesn’t work for me. I need to get out of this sedentary lifestyle bit by bit, starting with exercising daily for 7 minutes and then hopefully making it to 2 or 3 workouts a day, walking being the 2nd workout and yoga being the 3rd.

Today is Tuesday, my least favorite day, because it’s abs day on the application I use. But in the spirit of transformational Tuesday, I got up and exercised, despite feeling lethargic.

What are your fitness goals?

Do you have a transformational Tuesday story you would like to share in the comments?

Yoga 🧘‍♂️ in session

I’ve talked about yoga a while ago, and it is something that I haven’t done in a while.

Recently, though, I’ve been doing yoga instead of those very light workouts, and it has really helped me. I just finished a yoga workout and I had to share my experience.

It may have a temporary effect, but it’s totally worth it. I feel like when I’m doing yoga, I get this momentary peace where I can feel my muscles relax (something my muscles rarely do).

Motherhood has turned me into a very neurotic person, but when I’m doing yoga (like really doing yoga not attempting to do yoga while I yell at my 5 year old to leave me alone) I feel so peaceful.

For 7 minutes, I’m not thinking about my to do list, or my problems, or worries. I’m just stretching my muscles.

I don’t do those crazy yoga poses either. I have bad knees and a bad left foot, so my movements are limited. These are totally doable moves and they are so relaxing. It’s basically stretching.

I use the application I mentioned in my previous yoga blog. Click here to read it.

I even downloaded another yoga app for my 5 year old so he doesn’t feel left out.

So yeah, do yoga.

Start feeling zen, even if it’s just for 7 minutes a day. You deserve a break from social media and the craziness in the world.

Benefits of exercise

Hello 👋

How are you doing today?

I hope you’re eating healthy and exercising, because I’m not!

Well, not consistently anyway.

It has been my goal since forever to exercise daily. The last time I had that goal accomplished was 6 months after I delivered my son, for 6 months I exercised an hour a day until I lost all the baby fat.

Now my son is 5 years old and my weight still fluctuates. I’m not overweight, but I’m definitely not fit. I feel like an 80 year old. Things like standing and sitting exhaust me, and I’m always tired.

I know why this is happening. I don’t eat breakfast, I don’t sleep well, and I don’t exercise daily. It’s not like I intentionally try to sabotage my life and be like this, but consistency is something I have always struggled with.

I get excited when I download a new workout app and then I get overwhelmed, lazy, busy, tired, or forget after a few days. I try to hold myself accountable by telling someone to remind me to workout but then they either don’t remind me, or they’d remind me when I’m busy.

So I came up with an idea. I need someone to follow me around the house, prepare healthy snacks for me and hand them to me, create a workout routine for me and do it with me, and then take my phone away at 10pm so I can sleep early.

Well since that’s not practical, I came up with another idea. To blog about it. Maybe if I reminded myself and others of the benefits of exercising, then I’d exercise more.

Going to the gym and for walks are currently not an option for me so I need to find a way to exercise every day at home until it becomes a habit.

Also, I ate a peach yesterday so I’m rocking it in the health department 😎 I’m pretty proud of myself right now for that.

So what are the health benefits of exercise?

  • Helps you control your weight. Like I said, I’m not overweight but my weight does still go up and down, which isn’t very good.
  • Reduces your risk of heart diseases. I already have a few health problems which, ironically, the doctors said I must eat healthy and exercise daily to avoid the long term complications of these problems but do I listen? No. I’m trying. I need to try harder.
  • Helps your body manage blood sugar and insulin levels. Another one of those complications. I’m supposed to be on a diabetic diet. Ha. I wish.
  • Helps you quit smoking. I don’t smoke but for those trying to quit, exercise!
  • Improves your mental health and mood. It’s true. Sometimes, when I’m having an anxiety attack, exercising stops the attack.
  • Helps keep your thinking, learning, and judgment skills sharp as you age.
  • It Is Good for Your Muscles and Bones.
  • It Can Increase Your Energy Levels. My main reason for wanting to exercise daily.
  • It Can Help Skin Health. Healthy skin is a combination of healthy eating, regular exercise, and finding the right lotion.
  • It Can Help With Relaxation and Sleep Quality. So healthy eating, regular exercise, and sleep are all interconnected. They’re a cycle that feed on eachother.

How much exercise is enough exercise?

Moderately strenuous
exercise, about 30 minutes a day, can lead to enormous benefits in terms of your mood, health, weight and the ability to live an independent and fulfilling life. The exercise doesn’t need to be athletic or difficult. My goal is 8 minutes a day but 30 minutes is definitely better.

I’m 55% exercising, meaning approximately 3 times a week

What happens if you don’t exercise?

Your muscles weaken. You will become more breathless as you do less activity. If you continue to be inactive you will feel worse, need more help and eventually even simple daily tasks will be difficult. Yep, pretty much.

What happens to your body when you start exercising regularly?

Regular exercise can have a profoundly positive impact on depression, anxiety, ADHD, and more. It also relieves stress, improves memory, helps you sleep better, and boosts your overall mood.

When should you consult your doctor before you exercise?

  • You have heart disease.
  • You have type 1 or type 2 diabetes.
  • You have kidney disease.
  • You have arthritis.
  • You’re being treated for cancer, or you’ve recently completed cancer treatment.
  • You have high blood pressure.

Is walking enough?

If you can walk independently and maintain a speed of 4-6km/h for half an hour per day, then walking is sufficient exercise. Walking needs to sustain your interest in the long term. Walking can protect against chronic diseases, and there is less risk of injury compared to other forms of exercise.

What happens when you eat healthy but don’t exercise?

You will lose weight if you eat a low-calorie diet in which you burn off more calories than you take in. Adding physical activity allows you to burn more calories than dieting alone.

Is it bad to exercise at night?

Traditionally, experts have recommended not exercising at night as part of good sleep hygiene. A study, published Oct. 29, 2018, in Sports Medicine, suggests that you can exercise in the evening as long as you avoid vigorous activity for at least one hour before bedtime.

Do you exercise regularly?

What does it mean to “relax”?

Ever since I can remember, people always told me to relax. Too excited, relax. Too angry, relax. Stressed out over exams, relax. But what does it mean to relax? And why is it such a hard state to reach?

What does it mean to relax? Take a break? Be at peace?

Are those people who are described as “chill” or “laid back” considered relaxed? Should you be relaxed all the time or just some of the time?

As someone who has anxiety, I’m not familiar with the feeling of being relaxed. Even when I’m reading a book or watching a movie, I’m on edge to know what will happen.

I worry about tomorrow. I reminisce about yesterday. I try to be mindful, but it’s a struggle. Sometimes I’m able to have a few moments of absolute peace and contentment and I just sit and look at my loved ones and feel so lucky, until a few moments later, my train of thought is crashed by anxiety train, bringing with it doubt, fear, insecurity and overanalyzing every micromovement as a sign that I am not happy and that I was delusional to think I could be a good person.

Back to the main question, what does it mean to relax?

I searched “relax” on pinterest and came up with several things.

In other words, here are some things I don’t find relaxing:

1. A bath with essential oils, candles and a book!

I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade, because if those things work for you, good for you. But for me, that’s the instagram version of relax. You know, set up the scene, take pictures, then put everything away. Don’t tell me you actually read books in the bath! Won’t the book get wet? Besides, I tried taking a bath before and got so bored. I shower with lavender and coconut oil so yes the essential oils in the shampoo do have a relaxation effect because they smell and feel good, but I don’t find baths relaxing at all, and a candle in the bath is not so practical.

2. Reading in front of nature or in front of a fire!

Sorry, but, you either focus on the book or the scenery. Sitting by the fire while talking to a friend is relaxing. I did that once. It was nice. But I tried going to the park and reading, and I don’t recommend. I kept getting distracted by the trees and flowers. I find nature in itself relaxing, and reading in itself helps me feel productive and less stressed. But together, it’s too confusing for me.

Now to the things I do find relaxing:

1. Yoga:

Maybe it’s the stretching, or the yoga tune on the application I use, but it works. I rarely do yoga nowadays, (I go through phases), but it really helps, especially on the days I don’t feel like exercising.

2. Reading

On the couch, at a table, completely focused and immersed in a book, no props or instagram settings, just me and a book and my imagination.

3. Looking at a body of water:

Feel better now? For me, it’s watching the waves at the beach, or if you live near a lake, or a river, or the ocean, looking at a body of water is like natural meditation.

4. Trees:

I mentioned above how trees and books don’t mix, and not just because books are made of paper which are made from trees cut down, but also because in order to be mindful, you must not multitask. You need to give your full focus on the relaxing activity. Watch the branches as they sway, listen to the breeze, the birds chirping, the feel of the breeze on your face. Inhale the pure oxygen. The farthest you can be away from pollution is when you’re closest to trees, because they literally purify the air.

5. Mind your diet:

There are certain foods that increase stress and foods that decrease stress. I’m always advised to cut down on caffeine because it increases stress and agitation, but I haven’t brought myself to even cutting down to 1 cup instead of 2 cups a day. However, I eat oats sometimes, and avocado (but rarely) so I guess I have some work to do?

There are many other things you can do to relax, like doing your nails, going for a walk, inviting friends over, taking a nap, coloring, or going to the gym.Basically, relaxing is something you do to feel it. You practice mindfulness to feel mindful, which helps decrease stress and anxiety and helps you feel relaxed. It’s a practice, not a state of mind. Nobody can be relaxed all the time. Chill people are usually lazy, but anxious people can be lazy too.

I just felt that it was an important reminder, with everything going out of control in the world, to focus on what you can control, and relax. If taking a bath with scented candles and a book does that for you, go for it! Just remember that relaxation doesn’t come to you. If you’re feeling anxious, do something to relax. After all, when you’re happy and relaxed, so will everyone around you be. And you will be happier and make others around you happier. It beats yelling all day and getting mentally exhausted from being irritated about everything and everyone.

Eating healthy is really hard!

I noticed that I’ve been feeling very sluggish lately, and my diet is part of the problem. My eating habits haven’t been the healthiest, and I haven’t been exercising as much as I should be.

Nothing new here.

My body desperately wants to follow a healthy lifestyle. It’s not all about the weight and burning fat. It’s about having enough energy to last me through the day instead of crashing at noon or after lunch.

I noticed that I wake up without an appetite, and the 1st thing I put in my mouth is carbs. I noticed that I munch in the evenings, and that I don’t drink more than 2 cups of water a day.
I rarely eat fruits and vegies, and I don’t have consistent meal times.

So after 1000 failed diets, I decided to try intermittent fasting. I downloaded an app, told my sisters so I feel someone can hold me accountable and I decided to start the easiest one.
I fast for 12 hours (including the 7 hour sleep window) and eat for 12 hours.

How hard can it be, right?

Day 1: I realized that I usually eat at 9pm (because I started fasting at 8pm) so I modified it and started the fast at 9:30pm. I couldn’t sleep at night of hunger.

Day 2: I realized that when I 1st wake up, I shouldn’t put carbs in my mouth. Maybe try eating a cheese sandwich (oatmeal bread) with my coffee (my coffee with milk and sugar is non-negotiable). I also noticed that after lunch, I don’t eat anything until 8pm when I’m supposed to start fasting. Then I got hungry at 11pm and decided to eat and modify my fasting from 11 to 11. I had trouble falling asleep, but this time from bloating (and overthinking).

Day 3: I realized that I keep thinking of food just because I can’t eat, but I realized I have more will power than I thought I had. I also started trying something new. A cup of yogurt in the morning. That was my breakfast. Literally got me through until lunchtime. An hour after lunch I had a piece of cake and some sweets and that’s it. The moment I got my notification that my fast is going to start shortly, I got hungry. I realized that hunger is more psychological than physical to me, and that most of the time I eat out of stress or boredom rather than from hunger. I started my fast at 6pm because I think I had cake at 5 and then coffee at 5:30.

Day 4: Today is a new day. It’s almost 3am and I’m starving, woke up in the middle of the night and can’t seem to fall back asleep. I plan to try this for a week. I was hoping to take it a step further and fast 14 hours a day, but it’s too hard. I’m hoping to integrate this 12 hour fast as part of my lifestyle but I’m not sure I can.

I’m not sleeping because I’m too hungry. My body is used to eating at night and being tired or busy all day. I want to become healthy. I do. But it’s so hard. I wish becoming healthy was something you could just take a pill for but it doesn’t work like that. It’s a lifelong work, day in and day out. I hope one day I’ll be able to eat healthy without struggling to do so.

Note: this app also has a reminder to drink water so I’ve been drinking 4 cups of water a day as opposed to my usual 1 or 2 cups.

If you want to try the app, click here.

Do you struggle with eating healthy?

What are your eating goals?

Have you ever tried intermittent fasting?

If yes, how did it go?

Healthy tips for a more productive energetic you

Tip #1

Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up. Yes, BEFORE coffee. If you feel thirsty when you 1st wake up, then you’re already dehydrqted. Drink up!

Tip #2

Take your meds. If you have any medications or vitamins you must take regularly, don’t slack on them. There are certain heqlth condutions that will go out of control if you don’t take your medications properly.

Tip #3

Exercise in the morning, before breakfast. A light to moderate excercise gets your blood flowing and makes you more energetic. You feel too lazy or tired to do it, but try eating a banana or a few dates with your tea or coffee, then get moving. Listen to music or a podcast while you exercise if you’re not really feeling it.

Tip #4

Eat a healthy breakfast. A breakfast rich in carbs will give you energy for up to 2 hours, and then you will crash and burn. Try to integrate protein and fiber into your diet. Example of a healthy breakfast: eggs with cucumber and tomato.

Tip #5

Don’t scroll social media for the 1st hour after you wake up. It’s okay to go on your phone to read or do something productive, but one thing I’m working on is to not scroll on instagram at night or early morning.

What are your healthy tips to be more productive and energetic?

Anxiety attacks, a walk in the park, and donuts!

10am: The smell of freedom! The smell of fresh air! My God! It’s been so long since I have gone out for a walk and i finally gathered the courage to get dressed and tell my husband that I’m going out for a walk. I just can’t take it anymore! I feel like I’m in captivity! It’s just…my God! I feel bad for all those people that are in prison. They deserve a breath of fresh air. It is unbelievable! I’m a prisoner in my own house. Partly it is because of the weather and because I keep on getting sick but there is another more personal reason. I mean everyone else goes out when the weather is cold and even when they’re sick, except me! Anyway, enough ranting today.

I want to talk about the benefits of walking in nature because I’m going to the park, but on the way to the park I’m going to stop at the supermarket and get some snacks to give my son for school. Also, I’m starving because I only had a cookie for breakfast with my coffee. Also, the sky looks amazing! I want to take a picture but here’s the thing: I am testing which application I can live without the most and which application I can’t live without.

So first I did a no phone Challenge for 1-hour on my phone and I almost went insane because all the thoughts in my head just poured into my ears; all the negative thoughts; nothing positive. I ended up getting anxiety attacks knowing that they are just negative thoughts and still i was unable to control them. I don’t talk about my anxiety much because I feel like it sounds like a call for attention. It’s not! You have no idea what it’s like to live trapped inside your head unless you have anxiety or depression or another mental illness. Living inside your head is very difficult, it’s very overwhelming, and sometimes paralyzing. So it took a lot of effort just to get up and do the laundry and dishes.

I also currently have other challenges running: a camera fast, Instagram fast, youtube fast, whatsapp fast, and gallery fast. I put them all at the same time for 4 hours (except the whatsapp challenge is 2 hours) so let me see if I can last 4 hours without these 5 applications. I doubt it, but I will try my best. I’ll probably lose the camera challenge because I’m going to the park so I’m definitely getting pictures of all the greenery!

10:30am: Now that i’m done taking pictures and it looks like it’s about to rain, I’m going to start heading home. The trees were amazing. The sky with the trees were magical. I took amazing pictures. I definitely failed the camera challenge. I expected I would. I couldn’t see all this beautiful nature and not take pictures. I only got to see half the park and I wanted to see the other half but I don’t want it to rain on me because i don’t want to get sick. I’m not that adventurous today. So I’m just heading back home.
Let’s talk about anxiety.

The other day I saw a post on Instagram about things that make anxiety worse and i realised that I do all of them. Caffeine makes anxiety worse and I drink 2 cups of coffee a day. Lack of sleep makes anxiety worse and I don’t sleep well. I’m not really sure if my lack of sleep is the cause of my anxiety or the result of it or maybe both. Maybe it’s just a never ending cycle. I definitely have anxiety induced Insomnia because, for some reason, the moment it’s time to go to bed, my brain clicks and nearly goes into overdrive. That’s why I’m on my phone a lot. I’m on my phone to get out of my head but being on my phone gives me a different kind of anxiety so much so that when I’m without my phone I get really anxious. Another thing that makes anxiety worse is social media, so voila! It’s like the saying “damned if you do and damned if you don’t”.

Anyway, the walk in the park was really relaxing. It was really a good idea and I’ve been wanting to take a walk in the park for a very long time and I’m so glad that I was finally able to. I’m thinking of going shopping but I’m afraid it may rain so I’m not really sure if I should. I feel like if I don’t go I will regret it and I know that I’m probably not going to leave the house for the next 3 weeks anyway because of the weather. I’m going to take advantage of being away from all the internal noise and try to endure the external noise of the cars as much as I can. As long as there is no wind, I’m fine. I’m starving though. I want to go into a cafe and eat something but it would be awkward to sit alone and i’m afraid that if I go into a cafe that it’ll just suddenly start pouring.

I’m just going to go shopping because I really feel like buying my husband a sweater because last winter I bought him one and he liked it so I’m going to the same store and I’m buying him another shirt.

11am: I went shopping,but i didn’t find anything my husband would like. I didn’t even find anything WOW for me or my son.Ok looks like it’s stopped raining and the sun came up again because the sky is blue and the clouds are white again. I’m not trying to be a weather forecaster.

I won the whatsapp challenge, and reached my walking goal (6000steps).

I got some donuts in celebration. I’m trying to stay outside of the house as much as possible and i’m trying to soak it all in so that when I need it for later.

Also, there’s a dog nearby so I’m going to have to flee for my life because I’m terrified of dogs!

I won all the other challenges too. Yay! It feels good to win.

I tried drinking more water for a week!

I don’t like water. There! I said it. It’s tasteless and i don’t find it enjoyable to drink. I don’t drink juice either except rarely. I don’t drink soda or energy drinks. I’m a coffee and herbal tea person. If i were to count my liquids throughout the day, that would be 2 cups of coffee, 2 cups of herbal tea, and 1 cup of water.

However, i know that water is healthy. I know that drinking water is good for your skin and overall wellbeing. I know that when you feel thirsty, then you are already partially dehydrated. I don’t feel thirsty easily, and when i do, i’m unable to drink a whole cup of water in less than an hour interval.

So in the spirit of the New Year and new beginnings and goal renewing, i decided to download an application to remind me to drink water and to track my water consumption (just water, not coffee nor herbal drinks) for a week and this is what happenned:

Did i drink more water? Yes, but apparently not enough.

Did i feel more energized? No, but apparently, i was more active.

Did my skin improve? No, it’s still dry.
Maybe my body wasn’t meant to hold water in, because i let it all out and ended up thirsty half the time, despite drinking more water.
Maybe i’m not used to drinking water so i need to try this for a month at least before i notice a difference.

However, i learned certain tips on “how” to drink water.
One thing i know for sure, i’m not deleting the app, and i recommend you download it too if you are having trouble drinking water like me.

Drink Water Reminder:

Why yoga 🧘‍♂️ ? I say why not?!

In July this year 2019, i decided to try yoga. I had been really stiff from lack of excercise, and really stressed and depressed. I downloaded the application http://Yoga Workout: and i liked it. (This is not an ad. I just like to share when i try something and it works). Yoga gave me that sense of calm, because i was forced to focus on my breathing. That is what mindfulness is.

It also helped stretch my muscles and got me out of my lazy mood.
When i think of excercising, i usually think of all the obstacles like “im not dressed accordingly” “i dont want to sweat cz then id have to shower” but with yoga, you can be in your pajamas and do yoga without breaking a sweat.

Also, i used to think yoga was only for gymnists, because of all the extreme yoga challenges on Youtube. But actually, it can be quite simple.

Also, the more you practice it, the better you get at it, the more it increases your flexibility.

I wish i was more of a yogi. I wish i could tell you i practiced yoga daily. That is my goal, to get to the place where, as soon as i wake up, i sit down and do yoga, and then before i go to bed, yoga.
Until then, i will share on this blog the features available in the application i use.
There are several types of yoga routines you can try,and it even says the benefits of each one:

Disclaimer: Yoga is not a replacement for diet and excercise, but a beautiful addition to a healthy lifestyle.