Why yoga 🧘‍♂️ ? I say why not?!

In July this year 2019, i decided to try yoga. I had been really stiff from lack of excercise, and really stressed and depressed. I downloaded the application http://Yoga Workout: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fivestars.dailyyoga.yogaworkout and i liked it. (This is not an ad. I just like to share when i try something and it works). Yoga gave me that sense of calm, because i was forced to focus on my breathing. That is what mindfulness is.

It also helped stretch my muscles and got me out of my lazy mood.
When i think of excercising, i usually think of all the obstacles like “im not dressed accordingly” “i dont want to sweat cz then id have to shower” but with yoga, you can be in your pajamas and do yoga without breaking a sweat.

Also, i used to think yoga was only for gymnists, because of all the extreme yoga challenges on Youtube. But actually, it can be quite simple.

Also, the more you practice it, the better you get at it, the more it increases your flexibility.

I wish i was more of a yogi. I wish i could tell you i practiced yoga daily. That is my goal, to get to the place where, as soon as i wake up, i sit down and do yoga, and then before i go to bed, yoga.
Until then, i will share on this blog the features available in the application i use.
There are several types of yoga routines you can try,and it even says the benefits of each one:

Disclaimer: Yoga is not a replacement for diet and excercise, but a beautiful addition to a healthy lifestyle.

Be stronger than your excuses (exercising with kids)

Lately i’ve been eating whatever i want, whenever i want, telling myself “i’m too stressed out to eat healthy” and “carbs are life”. I’ve been avoiding excercising because “i’m too tired” and “my 4 year old is climbing over me, turning a destressing activity into a fit of rage”.
These past few weeks have been hard. My son isn’t going to school because of the revolution.

I THINK about excercising several times a day, but then i either look at the flabs and loose muscles and say “what’s the point? 10 minutes of exercise is not going to fix that” or i think of doing yoga to stretch my sore muscles and ease the tension and i remember the last time i tried yoga in the presence of my son, he tried to tickle me and climb all over me and kept threatening to take my phone. The result was me yelling with a stress level higher than that i had before i started the yoga session.

P. S. As i sit to write this blog, my son’s sixth sense realized i was doing something that required me being undisturbed and dropped his crayons to push my buttons. However, my determination to write this blog post kept me going, despite him ruining his bed just to get my attention and trying to choke me with my charger. #momlife #bloggingtorelieveanxiety
I wish i had the same determination to exercise.

You know this hidden talent to be able to deal with a child so calmly while they are driving you crazy and to not let them get to you? Yeah i don’t have it. When i am feeling calm, i can act towards him calmly. But when i am trying to read or write or exercise, and he is pushing my buttons, i go ballistic on him. I try not to read or exercise in his presence, but when i get the inspiration to write, i have to drop everything and just write. Otherwise, i forget what i need to say.

Back to exercising. I realized today that i need to find a way to make exercising work, no matter what. For my mental health. Fir my physical health. I need to lose weight and tone my muscles. Also, i need to be a role model for my son. He needs to see me exercising to learn the importance of exercise. He needs to see me dedicated.

But how do i get around his calls for attention while im trying to workout? I tried getting him to exercise with me but that didn’t work. I have an idea 💡 and i hope it works.
I will try these:

1) Play exercise videos for children and we can do them together. It’s worth a try, right?

2) Try the exercises and yoga moves i saved from pinterest.

3) Talk to him about the importance of exercising

How do you exercise in the presence of your children?