Throwback Thursday: Face painting

Hello and welcome to my blog! I had a meltdown today. It was awful. I barely spent time with my son today because I felt depressed all day. My heart hurts. My thoughts are running wild and I’m tired of fighting. I’m tired of trying to have a normal conversation which almost always turns intoContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: Face painting”

Transformation Tuesday: My self improvement journey from 2016

Hello and welcome to my blog! It has been some rollercoaster, this self improvement journey I’ve been on since 2016. Sometimes I feel like I’ve learned a lot and matured so much, but mostly, I feel just the same. So what has changed from 2016 till 2021? I’m still struggling with my negative thoughts, anxiety,Continue reading “Transformation Tuesday: My self improvement journey from 2016”

Throwback Thursday: Sleep training my son

Hello and welcome to my blog! Oh boy. I reread this from March 11th 2020 and I laughed. I remember struggling to sleep train my son on and off for years. I don’t remember how I finally managed to sleep train him (or maybe I didn’t because I still sleep in the same room asContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: Sleep training my son”

Poetry Friday: Pockets of sunshine

Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m feeling extremely happy this morning. I don’t know how to explain it (the poem below explains my feelings), but I felt this way yesterday too. I played Ludo and Uno with my son several times yesterday and just admired how he talks and plays and I let goContinue reading “Poetry Friday: Pockets of sunshine”

Storytime: I was very mindful today

Hello 👋 reader and welcome to my blog! How you doing today? I’m so excited to share my thoughts and I’m afraid that I might forget them because I got them while cleaning the bathrooms (I listen to podcasts while I clean the bathrooms because I don’t like cleaning the bathrooms but I like theContinue reading “Storytime: I was very mindful today”

Storytime: How can I motivate my son to learn?

I sit here at 10:30pm, tea cup in my hand (too late for coffee) while I contemplate my parenting techniques. I have the habit of trying to convince my son to do what I want by bribing him with things he wants, then when that doesn’t work, I start threatening to remove a privilege orContinue reading “Storytime: How can I motivate my son to learn?”

To my son on his 6th birthday

Dear son, My sunshine ☀ Happy birthday! I tried to make your birthday special… I took you out. You got a haircut, then threw a tantrum because your hair didn’t look like your cousin’s hair. I had a talk with you about wanting to copy your cousins all the time. I told you it wasContinue reading “To my son on his 6th birthday”

What’s going on in my mind

Hello 👋 reader and welcome to my blog! I get a lot of thoughts during the day, but most of them are automatic negative thoughts. I do have happy thoughts too, often, like last night I was hanging the laundry and I looked at the sky (as I often do while hanging laundry) and noticedContinue reading “What’s going on in my mind”