What I am working on

I came across this on instagram, and it got me thinking. I often make to do lists, and this year i decided to make monthly goals instead of yearly goals. Things that i can track my progress in. For example: exercise daily for 5 minutes at least. If i do it, i tick ☑️ andContinue reading “What I am working on”

When you’re overwhelmed by the HOW, focus on your WHY.

When you have a dream, and you don’t make a plan, it remains a dream. When you create a deadline and move forward in steps to making your dream a reality, it becomes a goal. When you have a dream, you must protect it. Your own family are going to tell you that it can’tContinue reading “When you’re overwhelmed by the HOW, focus on your WHY.”


I am a very inconsistent person and I think you can tell from my blogs. Sometimes I write every day, sometimes I write once every two days and at times every 3 days and in cases when i’m sick, once a week. It really affect my stats because the more consistently i write, the moreContinue reading “Scutwork”

New Years Resolutions (i made them anyway)

It’s not “New Year, New Me” I’m the same person I’m just going to be A modified version My life’s not going The way i want I keep on learning Yeah i’m self-taught I keep on burning But it’s not enough I keep on yearning For what i want So instead of falling Into depressionContinue reading “New Years Resolutions (i made them anyway)”

How to deal with toxic people without cutting them out of your life

This is a loaded topic. A pretty sensitive one for some, because when you don’t really know someone and you realize they are toxic, it’s easy to just cut them out of your life. I have read so many quotes and blogs about avoiding toxic people and that the only way to deal with aContinue reading “How to deal with toxic people without cutting them out of your life”

Reflecting on my childhood

I’ve been reflecting on my life a lot these past few days, and everytime i find i’m unable to cope with a negative thing in the present in a healthy way, i find by reading and watching videos that it goes back to my childhood. So what is that supposed to mean? We were allContinue reading “Reflecting on my childhood”

What I learned from my trips to Turkey

Memories are tricky things, aren’t they? An event can occur, and two different people can remember it differently. Actually, the same person can remember it differently everytime. I’ve been to Turkey 4 times in the past 4 years. When i remember, it’s like i’m remembering 8 different trips, depending on my mood. When i amContinue reading “What I learned from my trips to Turkey”