Reblog: Black Lives Always Matter

Hello and welcome to my blog! This is a reblog of a fellow blogger Zainab. I recently started following her. Love her posts. Check out Zainab’s blog here. I’m a Lebanese American Muslim but I live in Lebanon so I have never experienced 1st hand racism against myself as a Muslim as I was justContinue reading “Reblog: Black Lives Always Matter”

Wednesday Wisdom: Let’s talk about hope

Hello ๐Ÿ‘‹ reader and welcome to my blog! Today I’m going to talk to you about hope. When I think of hope, I think of faith. You can’t have hope without faith. Otherwise, it’s just wishful thinking. Before October 17th 2019, I didn’t have much hope for Lebanon. I would say “it is what itContinue reading “Wednesday Wisdom: Let’s talk about hope”

Storytime: Look how far you’ve come

I hold my son in my arms, and I feel the love flooding through me. This peace washes over me and I feel so much gratitude. If you were with me through my difficult pregnancy, sudden delivery and 3 weeks of agony during which my 1.5 kg son was in the NICU, you’d understand (heContinue reading “Storytime: Look how far you’ve come”

I’m feeling nostalgic today

Hello ๐Ÿ‘‹ reader and welcome to my blog! It’s 2021 and it feels like 2020, but worse. We have gotten used to the idea of staying at home but we are kind of sick and tired of it. So I’ve been living on memories to combat the sadness. I’ve been feeling nostalgic all morning, goingContinue reading “I’m feeling nostalgic today”

Repost: What is your purpose in life?

I remember when i was in school, one of our teachers handed us papers and asked us about our ultimate goal in life. I answered: To serve God by making a difference in the world. She told me: Thatโ€™s not a real goal. You need to have a specific goal. You need to know everythingContinue reading “Repost: What is your purpose in life?”

Storytime: Day 3 of total lockdown

It’s day 3 of the total lockdown and I’m telling you it’s hard. Not because I’m not getting much of my goals done. Not because I can’t leave the house. Not because I’m moody and keep trying to tell myself “I am calm and in control of my emotions”. But because I have to walkContinue reading “Storytime: Day 3 of total lockdown”

Storytime: And the lockdown continues…

COVID-19 Information Why can’t people just wear masks and avoid crowded areas? I’ve been wearing a mask since March 2020, and I only visut my parents once a week and my in laws once a week and I occasionally go to the supermarket. Why is it so important for people to laze around in cafesContinue reading “Storytime: And the lockdown continues…”

As 2020 turns into 2021, what will happen in “This is Us”?

I had been sleeping perfectly fine for 2 weeks. 10pm sharp I’d be asleep. I don’t know how I jinxed it, but I did. Maybe because I started watching tv shows (currently This is Us) at night again. Is it a coincidence that at the end of the year, while I’m trying to reflect onContinue reading “As 2020 turns into 2021, what will happen in “This is Us”?”