Self-reflection Sunday: Journal Therapy part 7

Hello and welcome to my blog! I was talking to my sister yesterday about journaling and she said she doesn’t feel like she can just journal what happened during the day like a diary. I realized that I was the same way. This is why my journals usually have purpose, like a gratitude journal orContinue reading “Self-reflection Sunday: Journal Therapy part 7”

Throwback Thursday: April fools’ day

Hello and welcome to my blog! Happy April everyone, and to many, it’s April fool’s day where people play pranks on eachother. I’m not a big fan of pranks. I don’t like to prank anyone or to be pranked. Thankfully my immediate family don’t celebrate it and I have no social life, except online, soContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: April fools’ day”

Transformation Tuesday: What happened in March?

Hello and welcome to my blog! Today I’d like to do a wrap up on March 2021. I’ve never been one to keep up with the trends but the trends follow me on instagram and on the blog (which I read a week later anyway) so I feel I’d be a copycat to post aboutContinue reading “Transformation Tuesday: What happened in March?”

Self-reflection Sunday: Journal Therapy part 5

Hello and welcome to my blog! It’s been a rollercoaster day for me today. Physically my foot hurts, emotionally my patience has been tested a lot today by you know who 😉 and a close friend of my dad’s died today due to complications from COVID-19. I also finally went to the seaside today forContinue reading “Self-reflection Sunday: Journal Therapy part 5”

Throwback Thursday: When can you say “I have succeeded”?

Hello and welcome to my blog! Exactly a year from today, I posted 3 posts: A dozen questions because why not? When can you say “I have succeeded”? The past: A poem It was at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and I was in thriving mode, publishing books, writing 3 blogs a day. ItContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: When can you say “I have succeeded”?”

Thank you for following my blog

Hello and welcome to my blog! I just reached 400 followers on wordpress. I wish there was a wordpress achievement star for that. There was one for when I reached 200 followers. I’m a sucker for those kind of stuff. I’m not posting this to toot my own horn. I’m aware that many bloggers haveContinue reading “Thank you for following my blog”

Self-reflection Sunday: Journal Therapy part 4

Hello and welcome to my blog! Happy Sunday to you! My life is literally falling apart at the moment but I’m hopeful that things will get better soon. I hope this personal issue I’m dealing with gets resolved. I hope all your personal issues get resolved too, whatever they are. It’s good to bury yourselfContinue reading “Self-reflection Sunday: Journal Therapy part 4”

Storytime: When will this pandemic end?

Hello and welcome to my blog! So I tried this themed thing and I think it has pulled the plug on my creativity and originality and spontaneity. My impulsive nature is a bad thing when it comes to problem solving and conflict resolution, but it comes in handy when I’m writing. I wanted to getContinue reading “Storytime: When will this pandemic end?”

New book on Amazon and a 50% sale

Hello and welcome to my blog! I have great news! I published a new book on Amazon! I gathered the top 13 posts from 2020 (I got the idea from a fellow blogger) and gathered them together, spruced them up a bit, added some infographics I made on Canva specifically for these posts, and IContinue reading “New book on Amazon and a 50% sale”