Are you living in your comfort zone?

Disclaimer: I think we are all uncomfortable at the moment. Some of us are in panic mode (fear zone), some in the learning zone, and the few of us experiencing growth are the lucky ones. I think I generally fluctuate between comfort zone and fear zone. I’ve been called out about that several times. EveryContinue reading “Are you living in your comfort zone?”

5 Modes of living (repost from Remindful UK)

Are you always in firefighting mode, avoiding disaster? Arguably, this is only one of five modes of living. What might the other four be? 5 Modes of living Thank you for this. I now understand why I’ve been feeling this way lately. I’ve been surviving. I need to go back to thriving and creating.

Nobody’s coming to save us…we need to save ourselves

I have some ideas, and they may sound crazy, and I know I’m not well informed on politics but I am half lebanese I do live in lebanon, so hear me out. I know many of us are waiting for the government to make their minds, which I think is highly unlikely, and even ifContinue reading “Nobody’s coming to save us…we need to save ourselves”

The next big thing for Lebanon in 2020

I googled “the next big thing for Lebanon” hoping to find some reassurrance of hope for prosperity that would calm my fears of there being a war or some other unexpected outbreak in Lebanon. The reason why I did this Google search is because, the reason I do all my Google searches, I was feelingContinue reading “The next big thing for Lebanon in 2020”

What I think of e-learning for kids under 7

So…online learning. How’s it going for you? Honestly, for me, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. It’s not great either. I don’t see it working on the long run, but rather a bridge to fill the gap between last year and how much school the kids had to miss and it’sContinue reading “What I think of e-learning for kids under 7”

Be the light in someone’s darkness

Did you ever think yourself into a headache? I did. Today. I was freaking out about my 5 year old starting online learning in 2 days, and then I spoke to a friend of mine and her optimism calmed me down. I feel very fortunate to have friends like that. When I’m feeling down, IContinue reading “Be the light in someone’s darkness”

Random acts of kindness

Are you a kind person? Do you engage in random acts of kindness? I honestly don’t think I’m considered a kind person. I used to be a people pleaser, a helper, a nice person, until I realized many people were using me because I was like this and so I went in the complete oppositeContinue reading “Random acts of kindness”

Enjoy the little things

Enjoy the little things… Play games with your children… Teach them how to spell Princess… Encourage them to be brave, strong, and kind… Nurture their faith and core values… Show them that you’re working on yourself everyday, and that true strength is admitting your mistakes and controlling your anger… Tell them how much you loveContinue reading “Enjoy the little things”