Know your strengths and weaknesses

I think we can all agree that nobody is perfect, right? And that while some people are naturally more patient, others are naturally more social, and so on. We each have a set of characteristics that make certain things easier for us, but other characteristics that hold us back. The things that help us areContinue reading “Know your strengths and weaknesses”

Here’s a sticker ’cause you woke up (a poem)

Every single day I wake up from my sleep I wonder to say When people look at me There’s so much in my brain There’s so much they can’t see And everything I say Is not what I mean I tend to complain When people ask me How are you doing? Are you happy? TheContinue reading “Here’s a sticker ’cause you woke up (a poem)”

Adjusting vs. Adapting

What is the difference between adjusting and adapting? I ask because 2020 has been something else, for everyone, and at the beginning of March, I was optimistic that this would only be for a month. As we near the middle of August, it seems as if things will never go back to the way theyContinue reading “Adjusting vs. Adapting”