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Hello and welcome to my blog! Yesterday, I released my 10th ebook on Amazon. I worked a lot on this book. Checked it through a plagiarism detector site, then paraphrased the plagiarized phrases, and finally checked it with Grammarly to make sure it was 100% my original words and up to standards.

This book is a collection of advice posts that I previously posted on the blog. Soon I will delete the blog posts, well, most of them.

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I hope you enjoy this book. If you’re waiting for the paperback version, please be patient. I’m working on it.

Finally, some snippets from the book:

Promo for “We all have a dark side, the key to happiness, and more” and free sample

Hello reader and welcome to my blog! In case you’re new here, or you forgot because I’m bad at marketing, today I released my 10th book on Amazon (it was available for pre-order for a few days now). I feel like I haven’t properly marketed my previous books, so while I’m trying to promote my newest book on Instagram, I wanted to promote the newest 2 here and let you know that I have provided a free sample of these 2 books on kindle.

The best advice to improve yourself and your relationships was released today on kindle.

As for We all have a dark side, the key to happiness, and more, it’s available on kindle and as a paperback.

I deleted all the posts that are now in this book so you won’t find them on the blog anymore, except for the poem “We all have a dark side” which is the most viewed and still frequently viewed post of all time. Thank you for that.

Please go check it out on Amazon and if you read it, let me know what you think.

I think you might like this book – “WE ALL HAVE A DARK SIDE, THE KEY TO HAPPINESS, AND MORE” by Sajida Haddad.

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You can preorder my new book today!

Guess what?! My book “The best advice to improve yourself and your relationships” is available for pre-order in the Kindle Store. It is available* for customers to pre-order here.

Customers who pre-ordered the book will receive the content on the release date, 06/01/2021.

Can you help me write a title for my new book?

Hello and welcome to my blog! My mind is going a mile a minute, and I would like to unveil a project in the works. I’ve gathered my blog posts about advice (at least the ones I wrote after I started using tags and categories in 2020) but I have no idea what to name the book.

I still haven’t published the book and I still need to paraphrase some things because some of the work was researched so it must be 💯 my words, but I thought I’d give you the titles of the content to find a catchy title because the title can make or break the book.

The book will include:

Part 1: Improving yourself

To change a situation, you need to change yourself

You are learning, not failing

Tips to avoid burnout

How to express your feelings

Do you self-sabotage?

How to self-regulate your emotions

We can rewire our brains!

Pros and cons of wearing your heart on your sleeve

How to become self-sufficient

What to do when you’re feeling lonely

How to be more organized

If you don’t love yourself, you can’t love others

Enjoy the little things

How to deal with circumstances out of your control

What to do when you feel sad

What does it mean to relax?

Emotionally hungover

How to stay focused

How to deal with emotional pain

How to bring more peace into your life

See no evil; hear no evil; Speak no evil

Tips to look after yourself

How to be more patient

How to be more productive during quarantine

Happiness starts with contentment

What do you want for you?

What is taking you so long?

How to turn a bad day around

How to be more optimistic

Healthy tips for a more energetic you

How to be more grateful

Part 2: Improving your relationships

A lesson in tolerance

What value do you add to your relationships?

The 3 Cs that ruin every relationship

How to become more mature

Don’t judge a book by its cover

What to do if a loved one is feeling lonely

All the relationship advice you need

All about anger

How to deal with people who talk about you

How to stay married during quarantine

How to get along with your family during quarantine

Great minds discuss ideas

Social rejection: The truth about making friends

7 things I learned from 7 years of marriage

Giving advice on sensitive topics

Conflict resolution

So what do you say? Will you help me find a catchy topic for my new book?

Motivational Monday: On Mindfulness and Minimalism

Hello and welcome to my blog! Welcome to motivational Monday. Today, I’m ridden with anxiety and need some motivation as well. I didn’t write a to do list on Saturday nor on Sunday because I wanted my schedule to be free.

Today I wrote a to do list but kept feeling suffocated by it. It’s wierd. Sometimes to do lists relieve my anxiety, other times they give me anxiety. I know that I preach about picking 3 items and prioritizing your tasks and all that but I’m easily distracted and keep feeling like everything on the list is equally important. It’s hard to decide whether I should exercise or organize my miscellaneous items drawer 1st, so I have done neither so far.

Also, we have no electricity at the moment so I can’t work on my laptop (its battery is ruined so it must be hooked to the charger to work) and that’s looming over me. I’m not one to go overboard with editing but I’m working on a project (stay tuned) and it’s really important that I make sure the work in it is 100% original, no plagiarism. It’s causing me great anxiety that I’m avoiding working altogether. I mean, if I didn’t procrastinate so much, I would have accomplished so much more in life by now. Anyway, now that I got all that off my chest…

Get motivated with me on motivational Monday!

Mindfulness is an attitude rather than a skill. It’s about making our everyday lives more pleasurable and present.

This is so true. I struggle to be mindful but I’m really working on it and I’m getting better. I’m not really being mindful today but I try to be.

You are enough. Every morning, every sunrise, every day.

This is so hard for me to grasp sometimes but I have been raised to the concept that my value as a person increases with my accomplishments. I even unconsciously judge my siblings sometimes based on their accomplishments. I’m still being judged my my loved ones based on my accomplishments or lack thereof (they’re not impressed by my master’s degree anymore since my younger sister is getting her PhD and my blog doesn’t phase them because I don’t get paid for it).

Remember that everything you do contributes to where you are going.

Best selling author here I come. One day.

Gratitude and mindful self-compassion can heal and bring peace to you. Gratitude comes when we are mindful, observing the simple beauty in our lives.

I always pray “God make me content with what you have given me” and right now, as I read this reminder, I slow down and feel so grateful. I have a lot of gratitude moments during the day, but only when I slow down and am mindful of my surroundings and my life.

You can start over any time. Just don’t stop being you.

I wish I could start over. But usually when I imagine starting over, I imagine creating a new identity some place new.

Your body loves you, love it back.

I’m not there yet. I can’t tell you how much I hate my body right now. I lost 6 pounds during Ramadan and everyone complimented me for it. What did I do as soon as Ramadan was over? I went back to emotional eating and I’m pretty sure the weight is back.

Living moment by moment and seeing everything afresh without judgement and worry lets us experience life rather than simply get through it.

So true. I have no comment for that.

Under the influence of clutter, we may underestimate how much time we’re giving to the less important stuff.

I’m not a minimalist but I admit my mind and surroundings get a bit cluttered sometimes and it really gets me off track.

You’re stronger than you think you are.

I hope so.

Outer order contributes to inner calm.

Try it. Tidy up your space and notice the impact is has on you.

Remember: you are not what you own.

I wish a lot more people knew this…

Update: I finished almost everything on my to-do list. I exercised, worked on editing a bit, but I’m leaving the organization of my miscellaneous items drawer for tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Daily Reminder

Hello and welcome to my blog! Welcome to the daily reminder series. I get these reminders on the 21 days challenge app at least twice a day. In case you didn’t notice. I’m loving the app. I can’t talk about it enough! I wish I talked about my books as much as I talked about this app.

Speaking of my books, here’s a shameless plug:

Buy my books on Amazon!

Oh and also…

Today’s reminder is:

Asking for help does not make you any less independent.

Reminder from:

This is so true! I remember when I was in school I was discouraged by my peers to ask the teacher a question if I didn’t understand. Later on I realized many adults have the mentality that it’s a weakness to show you don’t know something, that you must appear that you’re put together all the time. I agree that you shouldn’t be falling apart all the time in public. That’s what drama queens do. But if you feel like you need help financially, for example, it’s okay to seek someone you trust and ask for help. The people too proud to ask for help usually end up in more financial trouble. If you need help with your mental health, it’s okay to seek a trusted friend and open up or go see a therapist. If you need help moving into a new house, it’s also okay to ask for help.

Some people are very dependant on others and come out as needy and others are too lazy to do things themselves and always rely on other’s help. Avoid helping those people or at least establish boundaries with them. However, it’s usually the ones who don’t ask for help who need help the most. Seek those out and help them.

Are you too proud to ask for help when you need it?

Storytime: Learning how to rest

Hello and welcome to my blog! Happy Hump day! I’m really tired and in pain. How are you doing?

I’ve been feeling tired even after drinking coffee twice a day for a few days but I still pushed myself to be productive. My left foot has been hurting me for 3 weeks and I’ve been enduring the pain, even when I could barely walk.

Last night, my toes cramped up and I almost screamed in pain. I tried to massage them and help them relax but the spasm spread to the rest of my foot and up my shin.

I’ve been living with chronic pain for years. I have scoliosis and my neck and shoulders are often spasmed, sometimes my back. I get lower back pain because I have flat feet and I struggle not to walk like a penguin. I ripped the cartilage on both knees 9 years ago and when it’s cold, my knees hurt, or when I overwork myself. I have anxiety and when it flares up, the entire right side of my body spasms and I get burning muscle pain. On and off I get burning pain in my thighs and I must lie down until the pain subsides. I get migraines almost daily, sometimes so bad that my face becomes numb. I have a bloating problem that comes and goes and sometimes even gives me pain similar to that of a heart attack. I have a small hernia in my lower abdomen that flares up occasionally and causes me pain. The big toe on my left foot is crooked and I need an operation but can’t have one because it would hinder my movement and I have a 6 year old I need to take care of. A few years ago, I did an operation in my left foot and it still hasn’t fully healed. Doctors say it’ll always be like this, swelling and causing pain every once in a while (this is why my foot has been hurting for weeks) and 5 months ago, I went to the beach and was barefoot and something sharp went up the sole of my foot and it still hurts occasionally.

But last night, this was new. My toes have never cramped up before. I was really scared. After a few minutes, they relaxed and the cramping was replaced by burning pain from my toes to my knee.

So this morning when I woke up to my alarm at 8am, I wished I had let myself sleep in. I can see the signs of burnout emerging again. The cramping last night was definitely a warning sign. Right now both legs are burning in pain and I have lower back pain.

I’ve been trying too hard to be productive, but I’ve also been sitting too much binge watching (I finished season 5 gilmore girls last night). I haven’t been exercising daily and I think it’s because of the pain in my foot. However, when I don’t exercise, the spasms increase.

On Saturday, I went up and down 6 flights of stairs and took long walks. I think I shouldn’t have. Stairs are bad for my knees, says the doctor. Also, the special footwear I must put on outside only fits in my black shoes, so when I wear my navy blue shoes, my foot suffers (the one I did the operation in). I’ve been wearing the navy blue shoes for 2 weeks because it goes with my outfits better. I guess I’ll be switching to black shoes next time I’m out.

We’re in the middle of a pandemic, so I’m not really going out, but I took a walk yesterday and went nowhere and I visit my family once a week and my in laws once a week because even with the pandemic, we’re still seeing eachother, from a distance. As far as I know, most of them are not seeing other people.

Back to the point at hand, or shall I say at foot, I need to rest, so that is my focus for today. If you need me, I’ll be catching up on blogs and watching YouTube videos, except when I’m tending to my son’s wants and knees.

Any tips on how to rest when you have a 6 year old child?

I was only able to write this post because my son isn’t up yet. He’s not a handful, but he requires a lot of attention, being a lone child. I can’t relate because I have 7 siblings.

Are you a lone child or do you have siblings?

Update: I just woke my son up and now I wish I hadn’t. Send help.

Wednesday Wisdom: A lesson in tolerance

Tolerance is letting the flower grow instead of plucking it as if it were a weed

Hello and welcome to my blog!

It’s funny how I’m giving a lesson in tolerance when I need one. I’m going to be honest here. I’m not a very tolerant person with my loved ones. I’m very high maintenance and I don’t know why. I think they are the same way with me.

I don’t accept mistakes repeating. However, I repeat many mistakes. But I’m working on it. I’m working on a lot of things to be honest. It’s almost as if I’m trying to build a new person.

So this post is actually for me, and for you if you have problems tolerating other people. I think being at home with just my son has really dragged my people skills. I’m too irate and blunt and intolerant of certain behaviors. I think it’s a defense mechanism because my loved ones are like that with me. They impose their opinions on me as if they’re facts. My boundaries are pushed all the time. I push boundaries too sometimes, I guess, with them.

So here it is…

A lesson in tolerance

Tolerance can be defined as a fair and objective attitude towards others whose beliefs and lifestyles are different than that which you are experiencing.

Tolerance can be felt at many different levels, including the personal, community, state, and national levels. This post is about tolerance on a personal level.

Tolerance is an important concept that helps people to live together peacefully. To be tolerant means that you accept other people’s opinions and preferences, even when they live in a way that you don’t agree with.

Talking together about tolerance and respect with our kids helps them learn more about the values you want them to have. Giving them opportunities to play and work with others is important as well. This lets kids learn firsthand that everyone has something to contribute and to experience differences and similarities.

Here are a few tips that can help you be more tolerant:

1. Listen carefully without jumping to conclusions.

2. Try to understand the other persons point of view.

3. Agree to disagree.

4. Meditate

5. Be patient. Don’t react impulsively.

6. Reverse roles. Put yourself in the other persons shoes.

7. Focus on what you can control.

Lack of tolerance leads to fighting, violence, and finally it destroys the peace and security. The word tolerance means the willingness to accept or to tolerate, especially opinions or behaviour you may not agree with, or to behave sensibly with those who are not like you.

Intolerant people are afraid of anything that’s different.

It makes it hard for them to accept that other people might have different philosophies and perspectives. So they distance themselves from anything that doesn’t line up with their way of thinking. They won’t accept it. It may even make them feel anxious.

A story I found about tolerance

I hope you enjoyed this post. I hope you also understood that what I meant by a lack of tolerance had nothing to do with tolerance of other religions and races and such. I meant tolerance of other people’s temperaments, people who I deal with regularly, namely my husband and son.

I feel awful that I can’t just let things go. I get upset over tiny behaviors and simple words spoken as a joke. I hope one day I become more tolerant. Hopefully my son will teach me. I’m learning a lot from him, like patience.

Transformation Tuesday: I did a 21 day self confidence challenge

Hello and welcome to my blog! I just finished a 21 day self confidence challenge and I wanted to share what I did with you.

I’ve struggled with self confidence for as long as I can remember. I was always the shy girl, easily influenced. One praise would build me up and one critique would tear me down. My need for attention and validation stemmed from my lack of a positive self image.

A few years ago, I started working on my self improvement. I identified my values, my strengths and weaknesses, and I began building myself up. I looked at my hobbies, figured out what I was good at and began sharpening my skills. I’m still learning to practice self love, self care, and to feel worthy just because I exist. If I tie my worth to my achievements like I used to then I will be chasing one prize after another. I still do this in the form of challenges and goals I set for myself, but at least I’m evaluating myself and not waiting for someone else to evaluate me and approve of me.

So besides reading self help books and positive affirmations, I began doing challenges on the “21 days challenge app”. Today I finished the self confidence challenge and the positive affirmations challenge. I will share the affirmations another time.

21 days self confidence challenge

Day 1

Unfollow all social media accounts that makes you feel insecure about yourself. I actually do this every once in a while.

Day 2

Work on accepting compliments rather than denying them today (and always). I used to struggle with this a lot but I’m getting much better.

Day 3

Be conscious about your posture. Keep standing tall all day. My grandpa tells me this all the time. I unconsciously hunch my back.

Day 4

Do something you loved to do as a child. For me this is coloring.

Day 5

Do something challenging today, remember that we don’t ‘grow’ when we’re comfortable. I don’t remember what I did that day that was challenging but I remember reading this and knowing exactly what to do.

Day 6

Write down 10 things you love about yourself. I actually shared this as a blog post here.

Day 7

Say yes to something you normally wouldn’t. I don’t remember what it was though. It was probably something I normally told my son no for (I say no a lot).

Day 8

Implement a new healthy habit (you can start another one from the app). I started a gratitude challenge from the app.

Day 9

Speak up when you’ve got something to say. Assertiveness goes hand in hand with self confidence.

Day 10

Focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want. Law of attraction. What you focus on grows.

Day 11

Work on improving your skills on something you love to do or that you would like to start doing. I’ve been practicing using canva for about a month now. I’ve been using it for 6 months actually but I’ve been giving it more time and energy recently.

Day 12

Write a list of all if your accomplishments and keep adding to it in the future. Done.

Day 13

Do a quick workout, take a shower, get ready and put on an outfit that makes you feel great. Exercise and dressing up increase self confidence.

Day 14

Go out (to the cinema/shopping/watch the sunset) by yourself. Here’s a funny story. I went downstairs to take a time lapse of the sunset and I missed it. At least I got the points for trying.

Day 15

Reach out to an old friend. I texted this person who used to be very close to me at university but since we graduated, she only texts me if I text her 1st. Otherwise, she’d go years without talking to me.

Day 16

Come up with positive thoughts for every negative one. I’m not sure I completely succeeded in this one, but I definitely made an effort to think more positively that day.

Day 17

Give someone a good piece of advice.

Day 18

Do a workout you enjoy.

Day 19

Work on small things. Small little achievements make you feel good. That’s what I’ve been doing since November 2020.

Day 20

Pause and reflect on something before you act, instead of reacting impulsively. I tried with my son and will keep on doing it more often.

Day 21

Be authentic and embrace your uniqueness. Life is not a competition 🙂

To do this challenge, go to:

You don’t even have to do the challenge if you don’t want to. You can take this as things to do to increase your self confidence and pick one when you are having a bad day and need to feel better about yourself.

Storytime: How can I motivate my son to learn?

I sit here at 10:30pm, tea cup in my hand (too late for coffee) while I contemplate my parenting techniques.

Photo by Pexels

I have the habit of trying to convince my son to do what I want by bribing him with things he wants, then when that doesn’t work, I start threatening to remove a privilege or delete a game on my phone or whatever. When that doesn’t work, I start to get frustrated and then really angry. I tend to yell a lot and that only makes matters worse.

Lately, though, I’ve been yelling much less, which was pretty much the goal, and once in a while my now 6 year old does what he is old from the 1st time or without me asking him.

Today though… Oof. Where do I begin?

Let me 1st mention the positive points… However few and far between they were.

1. I didn’t yell much today. I didn’t lose my cool until 9pm

2. He ate dinner without fussing or taking forever (dinner here is like lunch for Americans and vice versa)

3. I’m drinking my tea in peace right now while writing a blog post because my son is playing peacefully.

4. He studied for his quiz and is hopefully ready.

Now let’s get to the nitty gritty of today:

1. I started waking him up at 9am but he refused to get out of bed until 11am which means tonight he will be sleeping even later than he usually does.

2. He skipped breakfast on the account of waking up too late and being underweight as he is, this is a problem.

3. He took forever to eat his lunch. Drove me crazy 🤪

4. He has a quiz tomorrow and it took a lot of threatening to get him to study for it once at noon today and since he made a lot of mistakes, he had to repeat his work and it took a lot of bribery (6 gummy bears, letting him do arts and crafts at night, and promising him he can stay up as late as he wants tonight which is making my husband on edge now) to get him to do it a 2nd time tonight, correctly.

Hence the contemplating

My goal in parenting is to get my son to have intrinsic motivation and self discipline. I don’t like relying on bribes and threats, rewards and punishments, to get him to eat, sleep, study, get dressed, shower, etc. These are basic things he should be doing on his own by now.

I feel like I don’t know how to motivate him because I never had to be motivated as a kid. I was traumatized as a kid but I don’t talk about it here because it’s too personal, but when it came to studies, I loved studying. I skipped 1st grade. My parents wanted me to skip 2nd grade too but the school counselor advised against it because she wanted me to be able to adjust to my peers socially. I’m glad they didn’t skip me 2 grades. I had enough trouble socially as it was, but not only because I was a grade ahead, but because I was half American in a Lebanese school. Anyway, my point is, my mom never even had to teach me. I always did my homework on my own, from the beginning. I git straight As and I never had to be motivated, in one way or another, so I don’t know how to motivate someone to study. Till now, I’m the only one among my siblings with a thirst for knowledge.

How do I motivate my 6 year old to WANT to learn?

The thing is. My son is smart. I can see it. So much potential. Easily distracted because duh, he is at home not school. Easily bored because duh not playing with other kids. Easily frustrated because duh not used to school system yet. I mean he went to KG1, then during KG2 there was the Lebanese revolution on October 17th and after the revolution died down, COVID-19 began and so he only went to school for a month in the whole year. I tutored him during summer but he was not prepared for KG3. Not being used to the online system, then getting used to it, then getting bored of it. I’m not giving excuses. Human beings learn to adapt.

I’m just trying to cut him some slack, but not too much slack because he needs to study. He is awesome at reading, but he just doesn’t like to write.

Any suggestions?