Transformation Tuesday: Controlling my Emotions

Hello πŸ‘‹ reader and welcome to my blog! Today I’m going to talk about my lifelong efforts to control my emotions. I’ve always been over sensitive, and over emotional. I’ve always been full of insecurities and fears about not fitting in and I’ve always reacted rather than responded (later on I found out I hadContinue reading “Transformation Tuesday: Controlling my Emotions”

Brave (a poem)

Good morning and hello πŸ‘‹ reader! How are you doing today? I woke up at dawn, turned my wifi on (bad habit, I know) and got a notification from Mirakee app to write a creative piece using the word Brave. I just couldn’t resist! If you like writing, I suggest Mirakee app. It really helpsContinue reading “Brave (a poem)”

Repost: Are You in Control of Your Life?

Written by Dr. Eric Perry Image Credit: Pixabay β€œIt is our attitude toward events, not events themselves, which we can control.” ~Epictetus Every morning before I head to the office, I go online and check the traffic report. I mentally rehearse my drive, avoiding all congested roadways, and check my backup route just in case.Continue reading “Repost: Are You in Control of Your Life?”

How to self-regulate your emotions

Picture this. You’re having a good day, just minding your business. Then someone comes a long and throws you a comment, gives you unsolicited advice, or says something that triggers you. You now feel off balance. It could either go to the low side. What they said made you feel sad, unmotivated, and worthless. OrContinue reading “How to self-regulate your emotions”

Resolving anxiety: finding your security, finding your freedom (repost from Remindful UK)

We all want to be secure. But we also want freedom. An inability to manage transition between these two extremes is the basis for much anxiety. Resolving anxiety: finding your security, finding your freedom