New month, New challenge: Day 20

Hello and welcome to my blog! Welcome to the new month, new challenge series where I do a challenge each day and share it here so you can do it with me.

Today’s challenge is:

Cook a healthy meal today.

Do this challenge with me:

This challenge isn’t really a challenge for me. Basically all the meals I cook for lunch are healthy. I can’t say the same for breakfast and dinner (remember in Arab countries, lunch and dinner are switched so when I say lunch, I mean the main course).

The challenge here is that today is Thursday, but I cook every Monday, and sometimes on Thursday but not today. I was going to explain why but I’m trying not to defend my lifestyle, whether I’m okay with it or not.

Anyway, so I’m considering this challenge done. In case you didn’t know, I’m not very passionate about cooking. I mean, I know how to cook many meals but I only interest myself in cooking the limited meals that my picky husband and son will eat. Even if I like a meal and they don’t, I won’t bother cooking it unless I’m really craving it. I’m not even interested in trying new recipes (unless it’s for cake and cookies because baking I like).

Do you cook daily or weekly or somewhere in between?

Do you love to cook?