Poetry Friday: Pockets of sunshine

Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m feeling extremely happy this morning. I don’t know how to explain it (the poem below explains my feelings), but I felt this way yesterday too. I played Ludo and Uno with my son several times yesterday and just admired how he talks and plays and I let goContinue reading “Poetry Friday: Pockets of sunshine”

Transformation Tuesday: Controlling my Emotions

Hello 👋 reader and welcome to my blog! Today I’m going to talk about my lifelong efforts to control my emotions. I’ve always been over sensitive, and over emotional. I’ve always been full of insecurities and fears about not fitting in and I’ve always reacted rather than responded (later on I found out I hadContinue reading “Transformation Tuesday: Controlling my Emotions”

Let’s talk about feelings

Emotions are complicated. It takes a lot of self reflection to understand how you feel. The next step is knowing how to express your feelings appropriately. It’s harder to move past difficult feelings and allow them to fade if we don’t face them and try to understand why we feel that way. You don’t haveContinue reading “Let’s talk about feelings”

Happy Monday 🙃

Good morning! How are you doing today? I have a migraine as usual. I’m trying so hard to to go with the flow, not planning, but believe me this week has been bizarre and part of the reason I think is because I’m trying to be spontaneous and not plan. I feel like “who amContinue reading “Happy Monday 🙃”

How to self-regulate your emotions

Picture this. You’re having a good day, just minding your business. Then someone comes a long and throws you a comment, gives you unsolicited advice, or says something that triggers you. You now feel off balance. It could either go to the low side. What they said made you feel sad, unmotivated, and worthless. OrContinue reading “How to self-regulate your emotions”

I felt my biggest fear materialize

A friend of mine asked me yesterday “how is not venting going?” and at 1st I thought to myself “I don’t know” but then I started realizing that it’s not going well. With not venting, my loved ones have no idea what’s on my mind, and then when I get mad at them for notContinue reading “I felt my biggest fear materialize”


I’m finally all caught up with week 1 of October posts. I just saved posts from after that. Won’t be reading them today because I am going to watch a movie now. So what did I learn from 3 days of reading blogs? They are all good advice, things I mostly knew, in addition toContinue reading “Update!”

Pros and cons of wearing your heart on your sleeve

To defer to a classic idiom: It’s a day to wear our heart on our sleeve. We use the phrase casually, to mean exposing our true emotions, making ourselves vulnerable and letting it all hang out. We all want others to see us happy, partly because society is unacceptive of mood swings, associates them withContinue reading “Pros and cons of wearing your heart on your sleeve”

Healing isn’t linear

It’s confusing when you don’t know why you feel the way you feel. It’s easy to blame your feelings on the world, on the circumstances, on other people. But we’re adults now. It’s our responsibility to self regulate, to process our own emotions and take responsibility for our feelings. So it’s up to you. YouContinue reading “Healing isn’t linear”