Let’s talk about feelings

Emotions are complicated. It takes a lot of self reflection to understand how you feel. The next step is knowing how to express your feelings appropriately. It’s harder to move past difficult feelings and allow them to fade if we don’t face them and try to understand why we feel that way. You don’t haveContinue reading “Let’s talk about feelings”

Motherhood in poems: Healing from PPD

Hello 👋 reader and welcome to my blog! On March 2nd 2020, I published my 1st book on Amazon. My publishing journey has been a whirlwind since I decided to publish in October 2019. Once I decided to actually try to sell my poems because all my friends said “you should sell your poems”, theContinue reading “Motherhood in poems: Healing from PPD”

I felt my biggest fear materialize

A friend of mine asked me yesterday “how is not venting going?” and at 1st I thought to myself “I don’t know” but then I started realizing that it’s not going well. With not venting, my loved ones have no idea what’s on my mind, and then when I get mad at them for notContinue reading “I felt my biggest fear materialize”

Pros and cons of wearing your heart on your sleeve

To defer to a classic idiom: It’s a day to wear our heart on our sleeve. We use the phrase casually, to mean exposing our true emotions, making ourselves vulnerable and letting it all hang out. We all want others to see us happy, partly because society is unacceptive of mood swings, associates them withContinue reading “Pros and cons of wearing your heart on your sleeve”

Healing isn’t linear

It’s confusing when you don’t know why you feel the way you feel. It’s easy to blame your feelings on the world, on the circumstances, on other people. But we’re adults now. It’s our responsibility to self regulate, to process our own emotions and take responsibility for our feelings. So it’s up to you. YouContinue reading “Healing isn’t linear”

What if someone you know and care about is feeling lonely?

You may think things like “How can they feel lonely when they have an amazing family?” or “I’m their friend. How can they feel lonely when I’m in their life?” The truth is, loneliness can creep up on you even while you are surrounded by people. There is a difference between solitude and loneliness. JustContinue reading “What if someone you know and care about is feeling lonely?”

What to do when you’re feeling lonely

The title itself speaks volumes. When you FEEL anything, you must DO something. Have you noticed that? Action helps change your course of thoughts, which in turn changes your feelings. Not that feelings are a bad thing. It’s good to feel. Some people don’t feel a lot. Some people keep themselves busy so that theyContinue reading “What to do when you’re feeling lonely”