Repost: Decide What You Really Need to Change

Planning out New Yearโ€™s Resolutions? Read this to ensure that youโ€™re working on the stuff that really matters!

Before New Years Resolutions, Decide What You Really Need to Change

This post rang true to me. I wrote my January goals, made weekly plannars, got a calendar, and yet I still feel overwhelmed and distraught.

I haven’t been doing much of my resolutions or goals, because in order to do them, I can’t give my son the attention he needs, so he is becoming clingy. I think in my pursuit to become a better writer I forgot that my priority is my son and husband. Maybe I resented it even. But being a mom is what inspires me. Interacting with people is my muse. I met my new neighbor today, unofficially. It was so awkward. I think I may be giving off anti-social vibes, but to me, other people are either too closed in on themselves or too open and pushy.

I hope I get to know my new neighbor. It’s sad that I don’t know my other neighbors. My husband isn’t social and I’m socially awkward. I really want to get over this and have mom friends and neighbor friends like normal people.

As 2020 turns into 2021, what will happen in “This is Us”?

I had been sleeping perfectly fine for 2 weeks. 10pm sharp I’d be asleep. I don’t know how I jinxed it, but I did. Maybe because I started watching tv shows (currently This is Us) at night again.

Is it a coincidence that at the end of the year, while I’m trying to reflect on 2020 and plan 2021, I happened to watch the episodes about Thanksgiving and Christmas last night? I think not. I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

It’s funny how I’m more invested in the future in a tv show than I am in my real life. Like will Kate lose the weight? Will Kevin find the love of his life? Will William die? Will Randal recover emotionally?

Maybe because I don’t see the bright side in my real life yet, the silver lining,… I think of 2020 highlights and remember the bushfires in Australia (which are predicted to happen in 2021 too), COVID-19 and lockdowns and deaths and illnesses (which still isn’t over and COVID-20 is predicted on the horizon). In 2020 so many people were killed, including George Floyd and many others like him. In 2020 the US elections happened, and the Lebanese elections didn’t. Since October 2019 and things in Lebanon just keep getting worse. Not to mention the wars in Syria and Palestine and other countries and all the Muslims being prosecuted worldwide.

I’ll stop here

If you wanted to read the news, you wouldn’t be reading this blog. Is it so wrong that I can’t stand to watch the news and so I watch TV shows instead?

Ask anyone who really knows me, and they will tell you that I am not a tv person, until quarantine happened and now movies and tv shows are my drug, in addition to reading, writing, eating carbs and junk, and any other unhealthy coping mechanism that exploded.

But guess what? I don’t get to play monopoly on pain and disappointment and misfortune and stress. I’m not alone, but I sure do feel really lonely. Or else I wouldn’t feel the need to do all this.

I wrote my weekly plannar for the 1st week of January 2021. My goals since November have been keeping me grounded, but I keep getting distracted by tv shows and sometimes movies, but mostly tv shows. They’re more addictive.

So in an effort to end on a positive note, here are some good things that happened to me in 2020:

  • I published my 1st book in March, followed by 6 more books. Nobody’s buying them, and that’s okay, because after reading about how to become a better writer, I’m not convinced they’re good enough anymore. I fight the urge to unpublish them everyday, because I need to rewrite them and republish them and I’m too busy with other things.
  • I got better at baking. I finally kniw how to bake cookies and brownies (I used to only know how to bake cake). I still don’t make my own bread though.
  • I got better at planning, obviously. I used to write new years resolutions and forget about them but I’m getting better and planning goals and following through. I’m still not exercising daily or eating very healthy but I’m better than I was last year, I hope.
  • My views on wordpress exploded. Compared to other blogs, I’m a nobody, but compared to my blog last year, my views have multiplied and the quality and quantity of my posts has increased.

That’s it for me. I wish I had more, but the rest is just blah. As for in the world, what positive things have happenedin 2020?


Although I may not agree with everything in the above link as positive news, but I keep my religious opinions to myself. My blog here is a free space so I take what I agree with when I read and reject what contradicts with my logic and religion.

May 2021 be a better year than 2020.

May we all grow into better people.

May we all crush our goals and preserve our healthy relationships and end or at least limit toxic ones.

May corona virus and quarantine end and we can all go back to normal life, whatever that was.

And most importantly, I hope Kate loses the weight and Kevin finds the love of his life. I’m off to watch the next episode of This is us at 3 a.m. to find out.

Turning the page on 2020

Hello ๐Ÿ‘‹ reader and welcome to my blog!

It’s a week until New Year’s and 2020 will finally be over. Here’s to hoping 2021 will be a better year. Despite the rollercoaster of a year filled with tragedy, I still managed to achieve some goals and restore some order to my life by making monthly goals for November and December of this year.

Today I’m reflecting on my December goals (I know December isn’t over yet but since my son will be taking a 2 week vacation from school so I won’t have much me time to focus on my goals in these 2 weeks, hence the early reflection)


I don’t celebrate Christmas because I’m a Muslim and it’s a Christian holiday (Christmas symbolizes the birth of Jesus as Christians consider him to be God or the son of God ุงุณุชุบูุฑ ุงู„ู„ู‡) but as a Muslim, I believe in 1 God and Jesus is his messenger. However, since I live in a multisectarian country with Muslims and Christians, schools must take both Muslim and Christian holidays (good news for students and teachers but bad news for parents).

This month, I made 20 goals (I know that’s overwhelming but last month I made 29 goals so I’m getting better). I won’t go in detail about each goal, but I’ll tell you that I categorized them into personal, social, spiritual, reading, writing, and physical. I tried to stick to 3 goals per category.

As you can see, week by week, my performance in these goals fluctuated. Week 1 I was best at writing, week 2 I brought my spiritual A game, and in week 3 I pulled myself together socially, physically and kept on reading increasingly from the beginning of the month until today (2 pages a day, don’t be impressed). Here’s to hoping I don’t fall apart completely in the 4th week!

This last week of December I’ll be reassessing my goals and what I need to focus on in the future, and I’ll be planning for a better 2021.

How will I plan for 2021?

1. Calender

I did this in 2020 for the 1st time. I printed out a calender where each month had a quote on it and there was an empty page where I drew and decorated.

I drew and cut and colored for each month until I got to September because I got discouraged.

This year I will print out another calender but I will decorate it differently (no sneak peaks, I’ll show you when I make it).

2. Monthly goals

Since I really enjoyed making goals for November and December (although a bit overwhelming), I decided to continue this into 2021, but I will try to limit myself to 2 goals per category.

The categories may change as well once I write my mission statement (I printed out the template and action words and I plan to fill them out before new year’s).

3. Weekly planning

I haven’t done this before, but I’ve been reading a lot about time management and Stephan Covey said weekly plannars are very important so I’m going to give it a shot.

I’m not done reading this chapter yet but this is the template for weekly plannars from the book The 7 habits of highly effective people

4. To-do lists

I’ve been writing these for years, but this time I’ll try to do them differently. I usually jot down 20 tasks to do per day, or nothing at all. I’ll try my best to not put more than 10 tasks on my list and to create a morning and evening routine such that I don’t even have to write it down. I’ll also try to prioritize the 3 most important tasks and do them 1st if I can.

Yesterday’s to-do list

I hope you enjoyed this overview into how I plan my life. There is a lot of unplanned events that I don’t write down. People can be very unpredictable. My mood and health throw me off balance too sometimes. It’s important to plan ahead and work on your goals but to also be flexible so that when something happens (a death in the family, sickness, bad weather,…) it doesn’t discourage you from working on achieving your goals.

Have you reflected on 2020 yet?

What do you have planned for 2021?

What I am working on

I came across this on instagram, and it got me thinking. I often make to do lists, and this year i decided to make monthly goals instead of yearly goals. Things that i can track my progress in. For example: exercise daily for 5 minutes at least. If i do it, i tick โ˜‘๏ธ and if I don’t, I tick โŽ

There are some goals however, that can’t be measured. In a previous blog, I talked about how my New Years Resolution was to live more wholeheartedly, and i explained that instead of being a S. M. A. R. T. Goal like exercising daily, it was a H. E. A. R. T. Goal. So i decided to write down the things i’m working on, in terms of what i’m trying to do less of. It’s not exactly measurable, but i need to be conscious when I am doing these things in order to minimize them.

So here it goes…

What I am working on (trying to do less of) :

  • My temper:
  • I have always been a hot head. I may not seem that way if you just met me. I may seem shy, calm and collected, but there is a volcano ๐ŸŒ‹ brewing underneath. I get irritated/angered very easily, and some people take advantage of that and make it their goal to get me to explode. My goal is to get to the point where I am no longer phased when people try to get under my skin. It may take years of practice, and I don’t have a clear idea of how to get there, but i have to keep reminding myself that their behavior says everything about them and nothing about me and that reacting with anger will not stop their behavior but rather will make them feel like they succeeded in controlling my feelings.
  • My fear of failure:
  • Everybody is afraid of failure to a certain extent. Nobody wants to experience the downside of failure but everyone wants to reap the benefits of success. Success and failure both have pros and cons. With success, comes a new set of responsibilities, and some people fear success. But failure is an important step on the way to success, because if you don’t fail, you won’t know what NOT to do. For me, my fear of failure is debilitating sometimes. I’d like to blame it on my anxiety, but i’m not sure anxiety is ๐Ÿ’ฏ the one to blame. I fear failure and loss and rejection to the extent that many times I won’t even try. I stay in my comfort zone because it is familiar. I go back to old habits because they feel safe. So my goal is to keep going despite my fear, and maybe along the way, my fear will disappear.
  • Stress/bored eating:
  • When i am hungry, i don’t eat much. However, everytime i am upset about a certain situation i’m in or a certain someone who got on my nerves, my mind immediately craves sugar, junk food, carbs, and i get this urge that doesn’t go away until i eat said craved foods. The problem is, after eating them, i get bloated and have a sugar rush and i feel horrible. Filled with regret, i promise not to stress eat, until i do it again. My goal is to reach for a fruit when i really want a chocolate bar. I did that last night. I felt i really needed chocolate and instead, i ate an apple and 2 tangerines and not only because i had already eaten my stash of chocolate and my sons as well (we still have chocolate in the freezer) but because i exercised will power. So my goal is to do what i did last night more often.
  • Laziness to exercise:
  • It’s too cold. I have housework. I’m too tired. My son is home and will climb on me if i exercise now. I don’t feel like it. I don’t want to sweat. It’s too hot. I’m too busy. All these are excuses. I know if i organize my time wisely, i will be able to squeeze time for exercise everyday, and not just for 5 minutes, but for 20 minutes. It’s just that i don’t like to exercise alone and it’s too cold to walk to the gym (see? Another excuse). Now that i recognize my excuses, my next goal is to ignore them and exercise anyway.
  • Being on my phone too much:
  • Last year, i downloaded an application that tracked my phone usage. I was on my phone for 6 hours a day on average. I tried to minimize my phone time and i was able to get down to 3 or 4 hours a day, which is still a lot. This year, what with reading blogs and writing blogs, and doing God knows what (well mainly instagram and youtube) i still spend an average of 6 hours on my phone a day. I do challenges on my phone to decrease the usuage of certain applications, but i end up using other applications more out of boredom. So my goal is to put my phone away everytime i feel i’m wasting my time on it.
  • Forgetting basic hygiene:
  • I used to be very keen on showering, brushing my teeth and brushing my hair everyday. It’s true what they say, that when you become a mother, showering becomes a luxury. Some moms don’t mind showering while their kids bang on the door, but i like peace and quiet while i shower and my son cries if i even go to the bathroom so I usually wait for him to sleep but by the time he is asleep, i’m too tired to shower anymore. So my goal is to shower/brush my hair/brush my teeth more, even if i have a kid stuck to me like velcro.
  • Being social ONLY on social media:
  • There are people I know who barely touch their phones. My cousin checks her social media once in the morning and once at night. It used to irritate me when someones doesn’t reply to my texts immediately, until I started getting busy and i realized that more life equals less phone. People who are actually going and interacting with humans in real life don’t feel the need to reach out via whatsapp or instagram. Only reaching out to people via whatsapp rather than irl is something i’ve been doing more of lately. Even my blogs have become a means of communication. A friend of mine once asked me “How have you been?” and i simply replied “Read my blogs and you’ll find out”. My blogs are not supposed to be a diary. They are meant as a tool to motivate and inspire. So i definitely need to go out more and interact with people face to face rather than through texts.
  • Getting hung up on the past:
  • Depressing myself by remembering past events and reliving them over and over again is not a hobby of mine, but it is something i do often. I’d like to blame it on depression, but I don’t know why this happens to me. I’d be chilling and having a good time and suddenly I remember something that bothers me in the present (an unresolved problem that i am unable to change or fix) and before i know it, i’m in a blackhole of bad memories from 4 years ago that are not even related to my current issue but are somehow connected and i feel all the negative feelings of that event again and i feel so hopeless and miserable and i can even imagine a future argument i’m going to have about this event that happened 4 years ago (i’m not kidding, this literally happened to me yesterday).
  • Trying to control everything:
  • I try to control how my day goes and what i do when and it’s not because i’m a control freak. I mean, when i do housework, i do it my way and if my son wants to help, he must do it my way too, and i like to play board games by the rules and i don’t like it when my son is acting silly while we play monopoly, but that is normal, right? Right? The reason why I am so meticulous about the details is because i am unable to control anything in my life. The whole course of my life is beyond my control. Does that make any sense? Well, if you know, you know.
  • Overthinking everything:
  • When he said x, did he mean y? When she looked to the right,was she lying? When they asked me this question, were they asking because they care or were they just prying into my life? Stooooopppp. I swear I run my brain into overdrive from overthinking every word and gesture. Most of my blog posts are written at night while i’m in bed trying to sleep (like right now) because my brain goes a mile a minute and the only way to quiet the noise is to write things down and try to organize my thoughts and determine which ones are rational and which belong in the trash. Obviously, if i do this less, i may end up with less blog posts but more sleep, so maybe i’ll write a blog about the benefits of sleep if i ever experience having enough sleep.

There are other things i am working on like self loathing, impulsiveness, being too serious, complaining too much and others, but i won’t elaborate because 10 is long enough of a list already.

What is/are something/s you are working on?

New Years Resolutions (i made them anyway)

It’s not “New Year, New Me”
I’m the same person
I’m just going to be
A modified version

My life’s not going
The way i want
I keep on learning
Yeah i’m self-taught
I keep on burning
But it’s not enough
I keep on yearning
For what i want

So instead of falling
Into depression
Instead of turning
Anxiety into agression

I think i have
A solution
So here it is
My resolution

I’m going to step back
Make a distance
I’m going to talk less
And learn to listen

I will read more books
Watch less tv
Won’t criticize my looks
Or hate my body

I will stress-eat less
And eat more mindfully
I will love myself
And embrace uncertainty

I will step outside my comfort zone
Even when i feel afraid
And to protect the privacy of my home
I will do what it takes

What will you choose to focus on?

Life is a string of moments; moments that are memories. Happy memories and sad memories. You can choose to focus on the fights that you had and the problems that you face or you can choose to focus on the positive moments like when your son was laughing because he got a yogurt mustache on his lip or the moment when your friend’s baby smiled at you like you were this amazing person or like the moment when your son hands you from his alphabet cereal the letter S and tells you this is the letter that your name starts with

or when he makes your face out of Play-Doh and it’s the ugliest face ever but then you just look at him and say “This is so cute! I’m so glad that you thought of me and wanted to play Play-Doh with me and wanted to make a shape of my face” or maybe it’s when your son is playing with his aunt and they’re drawing on a whiteboard together or the simple moments when you’re laughing like you have no care in the world or when you look at someone you love and your heart fills up as if you couldn’t imagine your life without them.

Life is memory after memory and we often get stuck in the past; nostalgic about the good old days; wishing that we were more in the moment and more mindful, but as we do that time is slipping away. We’re losing the moment. We’re losing the sound of our child ringing in our ears, the sound of laughter and play. The Sound of innocence when they start acting silly. Then there’s the moments when your mom just calls to check on you to see how you are doing,

or when you are catching up with a friend in front of a fireplace as you listen to the crackles of the fire and play with her son and just talk about life together.

It’s amazing how we can get so caught up in the negativity of life and problems and just feel anger and resentment about all the things that are not going our way, but if we could focus on all the positive things that are happening with us and all the love that we are giving and receiving, life would be much more amazing.

We are so glued to our phones that we forget to look up every once in a while to see the world around us, to take a walk in nature, to just live! So many people are busy talking about other people and dissing their lifestyle instead of just living, instead of just appreciating the things that they have. Stop looking at everybody else’s life and comparing to yours! Stop thinking that the grass is always greener on the other side, it’s not! The grass is greener where you water it, and some grass may be greener on the other side because it’s fake, or maybe because they’re taking care of their grass. Maybe you’re not taking care of your grass!

There is a story that I read once, it’s very touching, how this woman used to tell her husband every single day “Hey look at the neighbours’ laundry! It’s so dirty!” and he wouldn’t say anything. Every single day she would say “Look at our neighbours’ laundry! They never clean their laundry!” and then one day she said “Oh wow! Looks like the neighbours finally cleaned their laundry!” and her husband told her “No, actually, I cleaned your window”. So the window was dirty the whole time not the laundry. I think it’s obvipus what the moral of the story here is.

I’ll leave you with this.
Good night ๐Ÿ˜ด

How to deal with toxic people without cutting them out of your life

This is a loaded topic. A pretty sensitive one for some, because when you don’t really know someone and you realize they are toxic, it’s easy to just cut them out of your life.

I have read so many quotes and blogs about avoiding toxic people and that the only way to deal with a toxic person is to stay away from them or let them go. I’m afraid it’s not as simple as that. We all have one or more toxic people in our surroundings. People who we deal with everyday that we can’t simply cut out of our lives without causing collateral damage and sometimes feuds with those affected by our decision.

This toxic person could be a parent, a sibling, a spouse, a friend, a boss at work, or a coworker. How we all wish we could just buy a plane ticket and run off to another country where we would start a new life, right? That only happens in the movies. Even in the movies, they show you that the past catches up to you. You can’t just pick up and leave, nor can you shut out every toxic person you know.
We all behave in toxic ways sometimes. I know i do, but then i check myself and work on being peaceful and positive again. Some people don’t have the certain level of self awareness it requires to notice your own toxic behavior. They are too busy pointing fingers at everyone else that they don’t even realize they are acting like weeds in a garden full of roses, sucking the nutrition out of the rose beds.

Before i give you some tips on how to deal with toxic people while maintaining your relationship with them, let me explain:
A toxic person is someone who feeds on negative energy. Someone who always puts you down or makes you feel bad about yourself. Someone who never takes blame for their mistakes, never apologizes, and instead blames you. A toxic person will do whatever it takes to feel they are in control of your emotions. They are emotional manipulators. They have no sense of boundaries and will interfere in your bussiness claiming that it’s because they care. They will give you unsolicited advice and judge you for everything you do.

Why keep someone like that in your life? You may ask. Well, it’s not always as simple as we want it to be. We will always have toxic people in our lives. I say if you can afford to cut ties with the toxic people in your life, and endure their retaliation, then go for it. If not, here are some tips to help you deal with toxic people while not stooping to their level:

1. Don’t defend yourself. I usually make the mistake of going in defense mode when someone toxic i know verbally attacks me, and it gives them the satisfaction that they were able to get under my skin. I’ve been reading the book “Feeling Good by dr. David Burns” (i still haven’t finished it) and he mentions toxic people a lot. He says the best way to deal with someone verbally attacking you, blaming you or insulting your character, is in finding the grain of truth and agreeing with part of what they say and then disagreeing with another part. You must keep doing so CALMLY until you successfully take the wind out of their sails.

2. Don’t raise your voice. I tend to have an emotional reaction to criticism when it is said in a harsh manner, and raising your voice immediately takes your credibility from you even if you were right.

3. Make a joke. When someone is trying to upset you by insulting you, say your boss told you for example “you don’t do anything right!” you can say jokingly “oh i wonder how i have managed to get a colledge degree when i don’t do anything right. They must let just anyone graduate these days”

4. Kill them with kindness. Show this person how much you care, while maintaining some distance. Let’s face it, you can’t be around a toxic person all the time. It will suck your energy and kill your self confidence. Usually, when someone is toxic, it’s because they are hurting and miserable on the inside. Maybe they need to feel loved. So buy them an unexpected gift, send a few kind words their way, or any other act of kindness. Don’t expect anything in return. Don’t even expect a thank you, because most likely you won’t even get that. Just know that you were kind to a hurting soul and maybe next time when they want to deal with you, they will be a little less toxic.

My main goal for 2020

I know goals are supposed to be

S. M. A. R. T.

But i’ve been making the same goals since 2017 and i still haven’t achieved anything.

I have had some small wins this year, for example:

1. I grew my blog from no followers and 4 views in 2018 to this:

2. I read a lot of books ๐Ÿ“š

I literally cant count how many books i’ve read this year because i was borrowing from the Library from January till the end of July. But from August until the end of December, i have read 10 books and i’m currently reading 2 more, but at my own pace.

3. I maintained some friendships and made some deep friendships too.

4. I grew as a person. I’ve learned a lot this year.

5. I nag less and maybe yell less. I’m not sure.

6. I take more breaks. However, i’ve gotten lazier.

7. I feel like i kind of know what i’m doing now, as a parent.

8. I printed all the poems i’ve written since 2012 and edited most of them.

I still have some poems to edit and some self improvement worksheets to go through

9. I wrote a gratitude journal during the month of November.

10. I went through depression and got out of it in one piece.

I’m not sure what else i accomplished, because i’m quicker to list my flaws than my achievements.

Moreover, i’m yet to achieve my goal of becoming a healthy eater and exercising daily, but i feel maybe i’ve improved compared to last year. I’m not sure.

This year i will not make several specific goals, but rather 1 general one. I will put all my focus in attracting this goal to me so i can go through all the means necessary to make it happen.

Are you ready?

My goal this year is to achieve whole-hearted living.

There is a book that i am yet to read that explains how to achieve this goal.

As a perfectionist, i am very hard on myself. I link my productivity to my worth, and i’m hoping that achieving this goal will fix that.

Here is a quiz to find out on a scale of 1 to 7, how close are you to living whole-heartedly.

I can check 3 or 4 out of 7, so reaching 7 shouldn’t be that hard, right?

What is your score out of 7?

That’s a wrap

So, 2 more weeks until the end of December… The end of 2019…almost the end of this decade.
With 2020 coming up, i wanted to reflect on what i’ve learned this year, in 2019. I can’t go back 10 years and list what i’ve learned because that would take a lot of reflecting.

But if i think…where do i see myself in 10 years? Let me see… My son would be 15 years old. I can’t imagine what that would be like. I have no idea where i’ll be, if i would have another child as well or just my one. I don’t know if i’ll be working but definitely i have in mind to have published at least 1 book. I don’t know how to visualize myself in the future. I’m more of a nostalgic person who is always reminiscing about the past.
So…where were we? 2019

This year was something else! I have a selective subjective memory that i can’t rely on, and i’m always learning new things and unlearning fixed beliefs, but i do hope i learned the following lessons:

1. Nobody is perfect. Expecting perfection from someone ruins your relationship with them and expecting perfection from yourself leads to depression.

2. You can’t be happy all the time. My mood is always fluctuating. It’s hard to keep up with where i land on the spectrum of depressed to euphoric. However, when i stopped chasing happiness like a goal and treating sadness like a disease, i understood that it was ok to feel.

3. Nobody can survive alone. We are social beings, and isolation is very harmful to mental health, no matter how addicting solitude is. I used to get so bored alone, now it scares me how much i enjoy my own company.

4. Reading is therapeutic. So is writing. Enough said.

5. Don’t wait for the storm to calm down. Calm yourself, and the storm will pass. My best friend told me this, and i’ve been trying to apply it since. It’s easy to blame everything on our surroundings, but sometimes, our reactions worsen the problem.

6. Don’t underestimate the power of prayer. Make it your 1st solution, not your last resort.

7. Diet and exercise are not temporary solutions, but a lifelong pursuit. You will never eat healthy and exercise until you learn to substitute temporary pleasures for long term gains. I’m still not there yet.

8. Stop complaining. People feel uncomfortable when you complain and you will regret it after you calm down. I’m still trying to apply that one. Disclaimer: if you need help, by all means, ask for help. Reach out. But i meant the unproductive complaining that stems from a negative mindset.

9. Set healthy boundaries with your loved ones. They will fight you on it. Some will think you don’t love them anymore. Set the boundaries anyway, but try to express your love to them in ways that don’t give them a chance to intervene in your life.

10. Be kind, friendly, and optimistic. Don’t let the cynicism of the world get to you. The world needs more people like you. I don’t feel like i’m kind, friendly, or optimistic. But i’m trying to be, and i hope you are too.

11. Talk less…Listen more. I’m a very talkative person, and it gets me into a lot of trouble sometimes. I’m also very reactionary. So i noticed that when i train myself to listen, it helps me calm down and understand the other person better.

12. A good sense of humor goes a long way. I’m not talking about myself. I’m a very serious person. I don’t even laugh easily to a joke because i take everything literally. My son and husband, however, are very funny, and i feel they balance the scales a bit. Imagine we were all serious. That would be depressing. Also, whenever i’m having a bad day, i rely on memes to get me through.

That’s all i can think of for now.
Please share what you learned in 2019 in the comments section below.
I’d love to read your thoughts ๐Ÿ’ญ
Thank you for reading, liking, and commenting.
Your engagement means the world to me and encourages me to keep writing.