Self-reflection Sunday: Journal Therapy part 1

Hello 👋 reader and welcome to my blog! It’s been a long day today and I have had a migraine all day, but I couldn’t leave you without a self-reflection post, so here it is: Journal Therapy Writing Prompts for Healing Every sunday, I will answer 1 or more of these prompts, depending on howContinue reading “Self-reflection Sunday: Journal Therapy part 1”

How to motivate yourself to do anything!

Hello 👋 How are you doing? Have you been feeling lazy lately? Sluggish? Tired? Unmotivated? I have just the thing for you! Here are a few ways to motivate yourself to do anything: Whether it’s housework or writing or exercising or in my case, all of the above… 1. Just do it Whether this remindsContinue reading “How to motivate yourself to do anything!”

Pinterest finds: A question board game to bond over

Tell me about yourself! How often have you been asked that question, only to go into a mind coma, trying to remember who you are. Because honestly, I’m a different person with different people, so who am I really, right? Am I the neurotic mom? Or the uplifting friend? Or the moody girl who hasn’tContinue reading “Pinterest finds: A question board game to bond over”