If I were a tree, I’d be a weeping willow

The willow tree gives us hope, a sense of belonging, and safety. Furthermore, the ability to let go of the pain and suffering to grow new, strong and bold. The image of the willow tree is our path to stability, hope, and healing https://willowplaceforwomen.com/symbolism-of-the-willow-tree

Repost: Are You in Control of Your Life?

Written by Dr. Eric Perry Image Credit: Pixabay “It is our attitude toward events, not events themselves, which we can control.” ~Epictetus Every morning before I head to the office, I go online and check the traffic report. I mentally rehearse my drive, avoiding all congested roadways, and check my backup route just in case.Continue reading “Repost: Are You in Control of Your Life?”

Unfiltered thoughts

I have racked my brain today thinking what I should blog about, and I got nothing. My blogs have become orchestrated symphonies, organized series, not all over the place. You got me. I’m a phony. A liar. Pretending I’m all put together when I’m not. Or was I pretending? I’m not sure of the illusionContinue reading “Unfiltered thoughts”

What is negativity bias and how to overcome it

I got my 1st negative comment on wordpress today! I’m surprisingly excited. At 1st I got insecure, checked my post to see if there is any grain of truth in their claims of some quotes I wrote about toxic people. Guess what? My post had no quotes and no reference to toxic people. The commentContinue reading “What is negativity bias and how to overcome it”

Know your strengths and weaknesses

I think we can all agree that nobody is perfect, right? And that while some people are naturally more patient, others are naturally more social, and so on. We each have a set of characteristics that make certain things easier for us, but other characteristics that hold us back. The things that help us areContinue reading “Know your strengths and weaknesses”

How to reparent yourself

Who had the perfect childhood? Who had parents who were calm and collected all the time, did the right thing in the right way, never messed up, never lost their temper, were never neglectful or smothering? I mean, besides Daniel Tiger’s parents, I’ve never seen perfect parents. Even my son noted that how come allContinue reading “How to reparent yourself”

Reality is an illusion

I was inspired by this video about attachment styles. I totally recommend you take the quiz and figure out your attachment style. So apparently, reality is different based on our perception. Two people may walk into the same situation and each have different perceptions. They may meet the same person but have different impressions. TheyContinue reading “Reality is an illusion”

Maslows Hierarchy of needs: is it valid?

Life is full of problems, and we as humans, like to avoid pain at all costs. However, pain is inevitable. What is a problem? It is the absence of a need, and to solve that problem, you must fulfill that need. God says in the Quraan that He will test us with a little bitContinue reading “Maslows Hierarchy of needs: is it valid?”

How to be a good parent

I’m far from being a perfect parent. I do some things right. I make some mistakes. The biggest mistake I believe I make is that I don’t believe in my abilities as a parent. This low self confidence is even evident at times to my own son, and I believe it shouldn’t be. Children needContinue reading “How to be a good parent”