How to say I love you in 21 different ways

Hello and welcome to my blog! As you know, I’ve been really kern on doing 21 day challenges lately, and it has motivated me a great deal. I’m actually currently doing 4 challenges. The couples challenge I was doing ended (yesterday was the last day). However, sadly, this is the only challenge I didn’t complete.Continue reading “How to say I love you in 21 different ways”

Poetry Friday: Let it all go

I’ve been worried for days My heart feels so heavy My head’s in a daze Could somebody tell me Everything will be okay If not tomorrow, then eventually Focus on what you can change And accept the rest peacefully I’m not afraid Of being in my own company But I’m afraid Of being who youContinue reading “Poetry Friday: Let it all go”

Storytime: It’s human nature

It’s human nature to get hung up on the things you don’t have or can’t do I complain about the people in my life a lot, but honestly, I can’t live without them. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t make things up. It’s just, the good things in my life, the happy moments, I eitherContinue reading “Storytime: It’s human nature”

What value do you add to your relationships?

Are you a good listener? Do you have a sense of humor? Are you good at giving the perfect gift or planning the perfect surprise? Do people feel comfortable to vent around you? Are you good at giving advice? Problem solving? In every relationship you have, every person you keep in your life, is thereContinue reading “What value do you add to your relationships?”

The 3 Cs that ruin every relationship

Hello 👋 reader and welcome to my blog! I’ve been on an emotional rant lately, and with the new year, better me, I decided to take a more positive approach to dealing with my feelings. About 2 weeks ago, I heard a podcast about marriage and it was filled with gems of advice. It wasContinue reading “The 3 Cs that ruin every relationship”

Live wholeheartedly

I did that today, and I’m proud of myself. I just relaxed and spent time with my family. Let things flow. This is rare for me, with my anxiety. My brain tells me nobody loves me, but today I felt loved. I still find it hard to believe when someone does something nice for meContinue reading “Live wholeheartedly”

Can I vent without receiving unwanted opinions?

A lot happened today. Too much to pack in a post. Besides, I don’t want to tell you what happened. I just wanted to tell you a sentence that was told to me today When you tell someone about something that happened to you or something someone did to you or for you, you areContinue reading “Can I vent without receiving unwanted opinions?”

I can’t do this anymore…

This is all too much for me. Yes, I know the world is falling apart and I’m absorbed in my own personal drama. It feels selfish to be so angry at things that maybe won’t matter in a few years, but maybe they will. It’s hard for me to let things go, to not takeContinue reading “I can’t do this anymore…”

All the relationship advice you need

I am no relationship guru, but I have been married for 6 years and I am learning something new everyday. I wanted to share a few things with you if you’re in a new relationship and you want it to last, looking for someone and you don’t know the 1st thing about relationships, or ifContinue reading “All the relationship advice you need”